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Different Kinds Of Varmala Used In Different Parts Of India

November 27, 2017

In different states and regions of India, the wedding ceremony takes place in a unique way. Each region has a tradition and as per those traditions, the wedding rituals are performed. Just like the cultures, dressing, and menus, the Varmala used in weddings are different! Here are different types of Varmalas used in different regions:

Red, green and white floral Varmala

If you go with the traditional varmalas, these are made solely from flowers and leaves. The beautiful green leaves, white flowers and red roses are selected to prepare the Varmala. The Varmalas made of flowers look refreshing and smell great. Thus, this is the best idea for the people who love to add some fresh roses and flowers to their varmalas! This is a classic style used since eras to prepare varmalas.

Red roses with golden ribbons

You must have seen some brides and grooms exchanging Varmalas prepared from white and red flowers with a beautiful touch of golden ribbons! The Varmala is prepared using the red roses, white roses, and in between, the golden ribbons are used to decorate the Garland. These Varmalas are quite long and have a beautiful pendant like structure. They also add some beads to make the Varmala more decorative and lavish!

Jewelled Varmalas

If you are obsessed with the beautiful beads, stones, and emeralds, you can get a gorgeous Varmala prepared form these iconic elements! In the royal weddings, the bride and groom exchange a Varmala studded with jeweledccessories. You can add gold and emeralds along with flowers to get a signature Varmala for your wedding.

Pearl strings with floral design

If you love the beautiful necklace style Varmalas, here is a cool option which you can try. Pearls are considered as one of the beautiful accessories for making necklaces. If you want to make your Varmala more interesting and unique, choose a string of pearls along with flowers. This will make the flowers look even more stunning and gorgeous

Varmala with shells and glitzy ribbons

We all love those glittery roses made of ribbons. The best thing is you can get an interesting varmala design from these flowers. Get shiny colorful ribbons, tie prepared flowers; add the beautiful shells and here is your iconic Varmala ready! Flaunt your style with this interesting Varmala

Varmala with rose petals and beads

If you want to go stylish for your wedding, experiment with this beautiful unique Varmala. Choose a Varmala made from rose petals and beautiful beads! This is one of the trendiest Var malas you can carry and match it beautifully with your wedding dress

Varmala has a great significance in Indian marriages. Choose the best Varmala for your wedding day and get bonded with your spouse with these beautiful and aromatic strings of love!

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