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Delectable Cuisines In Muslim Marriages

March 15, 2018

Weddings are all about fun, family, friends, and food. Yes, food is one of the important attractions in every wedding. Muslim cuisine is popular for their taste and savour.

Muslim Marriages and the Cuisine:

  • Seekh Kabab:
  • This is a great starter in the Muslim Marriage. The Seekh kabab is made up of lamb meat. The meat is mixed well with the spices, minced, and moulded on the skewers. The kababs are then cooked over tawa or cooked in the tandoor.

  • Boti Kabab:
  • This is another interesting and mouthwatering cuisine made up of mutton or lamb. The whole muscle meat is marinated and then grilled or baked over the oven. This delectable starter is served with chutney and liked by everyone.

  • Rogan Josh:
  • This lamb dish originated in Kashmir but is now popular all over India. In this, the juicy mutton is marinated in yoghurt, blended with spices and other seasonings. The lamb is cooked well in a tangy curry and this makes a perfect dish. It is preferably eaten during the winters.

  • Nalli Nihari:
  • Muslim Marriages also have Nalli Nihari- a dish made up of lamb or beef which was originally served to the kings after their morning prayer. For this dish, the leg piece of the lamb is slowly cooked with the marrowbones on the slow flame.

  • Mutton Biryani:
  • This is an all-time favourite rice dish made up of lamb and rice mixed with herbs, spices, and dry fruits.

  • Malai Kofta:
  • There is something for the vegetarians also, the malai kofta is an ultimate veg dish made up of cottage cheese and potato.

  • Rumali Roti and Naan:

    You cannot enjoy the best of the dishes without the bread, so, the rumali roti and Naan make it the perfect combination with all the dishes served for the main course. Both rumali roti and naan are made up of all-purpose flour. The rumali roti is extremely thin and folded like a handkerchief, hence the name ‘Rumali’ which is the Hindi/Arabic translation for the handkerchief. and The naan, on the other hand, is a fluffy bread baked in a tandoor.

  • Murgh Mughlai:
  • This mouthwatering chicken dish originated from the Munhall and is highly popular.

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