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A Decor Guide To Monsoon Weddings

December 13, 2017

Monsoons are the most awaited time of the year. It brings with itself freshness and fragrance of Mother Nature. During monsoons when all look green and good during time organizing the wedding events can be a bit challenging. Therefore, here is the guide for that time of the year to make your special wedding event joyful and lively by all means. The monsoon wedding sounds very romantic but requires more deal of work as you should prepare for it from the very beginning.

Make sure that the soggy weather does not spoil the enthusiasm of the perfect wedding and the fun can go unlimited. To make this event special in every way you will have to make all the arrangements as per the weather conditions.

The Decor Guide

This will help you to plan the monsoon wedding as your special event moves indoors due to the downpour. The guide helps you to keep the cheer on even during the monsoon time. Here are a few tips to make your monsoon wedding special.

Light and Fragrance

ring in some light and fragrance to infuse warmth in the ambiance. You can make use of the scented candles and it will certainly mellow moods and relax the visitors. The decor will enhance the interior of the hall and make it look very romantic and mesmerizing.

Bohemian Chic

The colorful bohemian chic can add a lot of beauty to your surroundings. In this rainy season, you can decorate the space with vibrant colors like pink, purple, orange, tangerine, yellow etc. You can also put Moroccan theme lanterns to beautify the décor of the hall and add more vibrancy to your Monsoon wedding.

Floating Umbrellas

This is a new and attractive way to make your hall decors very interesting. It accents to brighten up the rainy day. The colorful umbrellas are just a wonderful way to enhance the beauty of the venue. These umbrellas can be hanged randomly in the main hall or just on the walkway to the main venue. Also incorporating rain boots and an umbrella on the table décor will be a great idea.

Crystal Decor

Use of the crystal pieces for center decoration during the Monsoon wedding is also a thrilling idea as it gives the natural feeling of the surrounding and when complimented with lights can just make the surroundings beautiful.

Autumn Vibes

Make use of red, yellow and orange color flowers to make attractive centerpieces to get that perfect look.

These are some of the best ways to decorate the wedding hall during the monsoon wedding. The decors will surely relax the moods of the people and would further brighten their day with some mouthwatering monsoon special food. These simple to use tips can make the wedding special in every way and would certainly save you and your visitors from any inconvenience.

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