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Culture of Arya Samaj

November 22, 2017

Arya Samaj is a movement which promotes the ethics and values of the Vedas. The 4 Vedas of Hindu religion is very important and the Arya Samaj follows the rites and rituals of these Vedas. A lot of people from different regions still choose the Arya Samaj weddings due to its richness and significance!The Arya Samaj weddings are very simple and economic, but each and every verse in the wedding ceremony is explained by the priests which makes it more impactful. There are some fascinating things about Arya Samaj culture you must know!Here is a glimpse of the Arya Samaj culture:

The Arya Samaj is all about Vedas:

Established by Dayanand Saraswati, the Arya Samaj is all about the Vedas and the teachings of the Vedas. Hindu culture has a huge importance for Vedas and all the four Vedas teach the right way to live the life. Many Hindu people choose the Arya Samaj weddings if they want to make the wedding event more simple and meaningful.The Vedas consist of sacred mantras, formulas, techniques, and scriptures from the Brahmanas.

The mantras explained during wedding:

In an Arya Samaj wedding, you will understand the meaning of all the mantras and verses chanted by the priests. According to Arya Samaj, the wedding mantras are worth understanding. When the bride and groom along with their family members understand the meaning of the mantras, they get the knowledge to live their new life in a correct way.The mantras explain the duties of a bride and groom towards each other as well as for their family members. Also, the significance of each and every ritual is explained during the Arya Samaj wedding, so the bride and groom can understand the right meaning of the ceremonies!

None of Gods are worshipped:

During the Arya Samaj wedding ceremonies, any specific god or goddess is not worshipped. All the prayers are offered to the (Panchatantra) the 5 essential elements of life which are water, fire, air, earth,and space.
These essential five elements are worshipped at the time of different ceremonies as they are considered pious and holy!

The unique and meaningful wedding ceremonies:

The Arya Samaj weddings are all about understanding the importance of a marriage and starting a new life with the blessings of elders. Also, it has some unique and meaningful ceremonies:

The ceremony of Dhruv darshan:
After the wedding ceremony is over, a unique ceremony called Dhruv darshan is conducted. In this ceremony, the newlywed couple watches the polestar. The Polestar, also known as Dhruv Tara in India, is considered as a symbol of togetherness and bond and thus, the newlywed couple sees this star to start a new life with each other while bonding for life! It is such a beautiful and unique wedding ritual which is not observed in marriages other than Arya Samaj weddings.

Hriday sparsh:
‘Hriday’ means heart while ‘sparsh’ means touch. In this ceremony, the couple touches each other’s heart and promise to be kind, loving and gentle with each other.This is a vivid and beautiful culture of Arya Samaj which is a pool of knowledge. This culture is enriched with the best teachings from the Vedas to live the life peacefully!

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