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How to check the Manglik Dosha

November 7, 2017
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Manglik dosha is determined by the position of the planet Mars in the Vedic chart of a person. This is considered a hindrance in building a marital relationship between the couple. Hindus ensure to check the Manglik dosha before they agree on fixing a marriage. A person gets the Manglik dosha in the Kundli right at the time of birth according to the position of the planets. Mangal dosha is also known as Chovvai Dosham and is determined only when the Mars is positioned in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of the person. Anyone found with the mangal dosha is known as Manglik and such people are generally assumed to have full of tensions, dissatisfied and are known to have disturbed married life. People make sure to get their horoscopes checked before getting for a marital relationship, as there are some serious effects of Mangal Dosha.

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Some of the ill effects are as follows:
• Tension
• Health problems
• Discomfort
• Separation from the partner
• Divorce
• May also lead to the death of one of the spouse

Due to such devastating reasons, it becomes very important to calculate the Mangal Dosha. You can check the Manglik dosha by different ways. One of the best ways to check the dosha is to calculate it by using a dosha calculating calculator available online. This calculator is available on different sites where the user can simply put in the asked details and check the presence of the dosha in the birth chart. The most requisite details are:
• Name
• Sex
• Date of Birth
• Time of birth
• Place o birth
• Longitude
• Latitude
• Time zone

Once the details are put in, the calculator performs all the necessary calculations and gives the result whether the person has Mangal dosha or not. You must not worry if your birth chart is found to have mangal dosha, as there are various ways by which the effect of the dosha can be nullified. You can take various measures like perform the puja of lord hanuman or reading of Hanuman Chalisa on the regular basis. You can also go to Hanuman temple on Tuesdays. Some other ways to nullify the effect of mangal dosha include marrying with the peepal tree or with a well. The experts can guide you through this so that you can marry the person of your choice. The other relevant fact about the planet Mars is that if a person with the mangal dosha is married to the person of the same dosha then the effect not just nullifies but it is also very good for the couple.

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