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Why Birth Certificate Holds Importance For Registering Your Marriage?

December 8, 2017

From the list of documents which are required for marriage registration, the birth certificate is the most important document. The marriage certificate has been made compulsory for the married couples with the agenda of fighting child marriages and women’s protection.
When you go for a marriage registration or for the certificate, you have to submit all the required documents along with identity proofs and wedding proofs. These documents and process help in legalizing the marriage.

Here is why the birth certificate holds importance for registration of marriage:

The birth certificate helps in preventing child marriages

A birth certificate is an extremely important document which you will need in everything from education, jobs, insurances, traveling and much more. The birth certificate shows your actual age and date of birth which is considered as the primary age proof.

For registering the marriage or to get the marriage certificate, this is one of the compulsory documents.

  • Now that marriage registration is mandatory, you have to get your marriage registered at the registrar’s office while submitting your documents with the birth certificate. The major advantage of the birth certificate in marriage registration is that it can prevent child marriages.
  • As per the Hindu marriage act, the age of the girl must be above 18 while the age of the boy must be above 21 to get married legally. If the age criterion is not fulfilled, the marriage is not considered legal. In such cases, child marriages can be stopped and canceled.
  • Years ago when legalizing the marriage was not compulsory, people used to promote child marriages. Due to the lack of legal restrictions, the number of child marriages increased to a large extent. Considering this, the marriage registration has been made compulsory.
  • When you submit the documents to the registrar’s office, the age criteria is checked and if any of the parties are not eligible for the marriage on the age basis, the marriage is canceled.
  • Through this, children will get their educational and other social rights while not getting married at a small age. Also, this ensures that the marriage is conducted with the agreement of the boy and the girl. In front of the registrar, both the bride and groom have to state whether the marriage is with their will or not.
  • The birth certificate also gives the name and identity of a person along with his/her nationality. Opportunities for health insurances, other identity proofs, rights to get the education, rights for protection, prevention from child marriages and forced marriages to come along with the birth certificate.
  • The registration of birth will help the government to monitor the births, deaths, marriages taking place in the country. Also, it helps in identifying the child marriages happening in the country and also preventing it. This is the most powerful step which can empower the rights of children.
  • A birth certificate is a very important document which will help the government to fight child marriages and let them enjoy their rights while Indian youth will get the freedom to make their decisions with legal support.

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