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The Best Sherwanis for Indian Weddings

November 29, 2017

Admit it or not, the groom’s outfit in any wedding has always been underrated. You would find a number of posts, suggestions, and advice for bridal lehengas and gown for various functions. But a very few people talk about the groom’s outfit. One of the most important outfits of the wedding bonanza is the outfit for the main day. The groomshould always be well groomed and wearing a sherwani that’s fit to his size. A loose or a tight sherwani would be unpleasant for the groom to wear as well as uncomfortable. The hunt for that perfect sherwani should begin one or two months prior to the main wedding day.Did you know there are so many types of sherwanis available? Read on to know more about them!

Chipkan Style Sherwani

This type of sherwani typically depicts how the royal dynasty of the Mughals witnesses the groom.

Indo-western Sherwani

As the name suggests, the indo-western has been an amalgam of Indian tradition with a western touch. The sherwanis have usually experimented with contrasting colors, different designs and lots of mosaic embroidery. This type has been a favorite one for the grooms for quite some time now.

Whi Achkan Style Sherwani

If you want to make your wedding outfit a happening one, make sure you choose Achkan type sherwani. This type usually works well with churidars and dhotis.

Angrakha type

The angrakha type is kind of similar to achkan but enhances more of the upper body of the groom. If the groom is a gym freak and has a well-maintained body, well its time to flaunt that hard work

Pakistani Sherwani

Nothing can go wrong with this type of sherwani. The Pakistani sherwani has a medium length kurta mostly paired up with pathani salwar or churidar. A simpler version of the sherwani is a favorite among young boys for various Indian festivals.

Modern print sherwani

The sherwani of modern print looks exceptionally chic and trendy. The fabrics, designs are used in such a way that the sherwani looks grand and isn’t too heavy for the groom to carry it.
Apart from the type, it is important to blend the sherwani with the bride’s lehengas or saree. The best thing is to purchase the wedding outfit together so that there are no absurd contrasts between the colors and the design.

The groom can experiment with the jewelry as well. The jewelry brings a royal touch to the outfit. If the groom is hesitant for the jewelry, the safest option is to go with a pearl necklace. Nothing can go wrong with it.

There are various fabrics used for wedding sherwani. It is important to choose the fabric that does not cause skin rashes or allergy. The fabric should notlook cheap and should be the best of the quality. Usually, varieties of silk and polymer silk are used to stitch wedding sherwanis that give a rich look to the overall outfit. For the wedding day, sherwani of cotton material should be avoided since it does not give a wedding look and is too simple for the occasion.

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