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Avoid Marriage Problems With Saral Marriage Vastu’s Structural Science

February 5, 2018
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Marriage is a sacred relationship between two people, where they take vows and it connects them in a robust bond. It is also a bond between two completely unknown families after which they come close to each other. Everyone has a turning point in their life, and that turning point is “Marriage”.

Marriage changes every aspect of a person’s life. Some find it difficult to find a perfect partner or face delay in marriage. Everything doesn’t rely on beauty, education or personality. As per our ancient science of “Vastu”, if the structure of your home is not appropriate, it can affect your married life or it can be a major cause for delay in marriage.

To make the perfect match with any color scheme, the white bouquet provides the ease of flexibility. The use of metallic color vase either golden or copper can be used to provide graceful aura.

Vastu and Delay in Marriage

Nowadays, peeps don’t build their home as per the ancient science, which benefits mankind in many ways. The sacred Vastu principle stipulates that the structure of your home should be built as per Vastu. Every house has a relationship place (Sambandh sthan) and that specific place should be well secured. If your Sambandh sthan is affected by negativity from toilet or bathroom it can be the cause for delay in marriage. Your house should be appropriately built as per Structure Science and it should be in your favorable direction.

The following are the few things which must be avoided when you have already sensed a problem.

If you have an underground water tank, it should be in the favorable direction to avoid marriage problems.

  • While buying a new flat or shifting to a new house, you should always keep your Sambandh Sthan clutter free and avoid keeping heavy objects in that place.
  • Just to avoid huge obstacles, avoid keeping any objects in the center of the house.
  • Wooden beds are the best to avoid marriage problems.
  • You should face your favorable direction while sleeping or working.
  • Avoid keeping thorny plants like Cactus, Rose, etc. inside the house as it eradicates the positive energy.
  • Avoid Darkness in the house or any rooms in the evening as it spreads negative energy in the house.

Vastu plays a prominent role in our lives and it is an ancient remedy to solve every problem related to mankind. Saral Marriage Vastu provides you with helpful scientific Vastu solutions and it is based on the breadwinner’s date of birth. Saral Marriage Vastu assists you to correct the structure of your house and it is not at all necessary to dismantle any structure of the building or your room.

Saral Marriage Vastu helps you to find a suitable life partner for you and it can enhance the positive flow in your house. With the help of Saral Marriage Vastu’s Structural Science, you can get rid of marriage problems within three to eight months of time. To avoid marriage problems, implement a sacred solution of Saral Marriage Vastu today!

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