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Advantages of Arranged Marriages

December 13, 2017
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In India it is very common to see that the parents select the prospective bride or groom for their children. The trend of Arranged marriage is seen in the rural as well as the urban areas. Many people feel that arranged marriages do not give the right freedom to the children to select their life partners. But actually these types of marriages have several advantages. Here are a few advantages of arranged marriages.

The Responsibility Factor

In an Arranged marriage the responsibility is taken by the parents of the boy and the girl. Therefore, they will make sure that they weigh all the pros and cons before they finalise the life partner for their child. The parents of both sides are there to guide the young couple in their married life.

Better Understanding With In-Laws

Since the marriage has been fixed by the parents there is better support of the in-laws. This is more advantageous to the girl as she needs to adjust to the new family and the in-laws.

Better Acceptance and Better Relations

Since the Arranged marriage is arranged by the family members there is better acceptance of the new relatives by both the sides. This helps in having better relations with the new family members.

Help During Calamities

Since there is better acceptance from both the sides in case there is any calamity like accidents or any other incident then there the young couple will get support and help from all the family members. This will help in reducing the burden and the young couple will be able to manage the difficult times with ease.

Financial Help

When the person has an Arranged marriage, then they can be hopeful of getting better financial assistance from their parents and in-laws. They help in reducing the financial burden on the young couple.

Better Care of Grandchildren

Normally in arranged marriages the young couple will stay with the groom’s parents. So in future when the couple has children then the kids will be taken better care by the grandparents. This will give the couple time to get involved in other activities like a job or any other extra-curricular activity.

Better Values and Upbringing

It should be noted that arranged marriages are a great way to imbibe better values and customs in children. It is one of the best ways to showcase Indian upbringing and the Indian way of life.

Arranged marriages are one of the best ways for a young couple to get all the support and love that they need when they begin their journey of married life. In These types of marriages, it becomes the responsibility of the parents to make sure that they guide their children. It also becomes the liailbity of the elders of the family to make sure that they select only the best proposal for their children so that their children have a successful married life. The support from the elders is for a lifetime when a person goes in for this type of marriage.

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