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A Guide To Parsi Wedding !

October 11, 2017

The Wedding in Parsi community is called as Lagan and this goes on for several days, which will be colourful and delightful. Both families of the bride and groom are involved in this with so much of love and affection towards each other. Like any other communal marriages this is also can be categorized as Pre-Wedding Rituals, Wedding Rituals and Post Wedding Reception.

Pre-Wedding Rituals:

    Rupia Peravanu:
    The ladies from groom’s house visit the bride’s home to see the bride as per this ritual. They will give silver coins as a gift for her. Have light food at their place, spend time, and go back. Post that the bride visits the grooms place and same way she will give gifts over there.
    The 4th day before wedding or lagan is called as Madhvasaro. This is the ritual where the both families plant a mango tree and they will mix precious metals and foodstuffs in the soil used for planting the tree.
    3rd day before lagan is called as Adarni, this is the traditional ritual of Parsi wedding where the groom family gives lots of wedding gifts as per Parsi tradition and they will share traditional meal called as sev and dahi i.e. banana and boiled eggs with bride, her family and friends.
    Supra nu Murat:
    This is the ritual performed one day before lagan. Four marriage women stand in circle holding Supra, which means a bowl of fruits that include dates, paan, haldi, piece of coconut and lots of other food stuff. The keep rotating these bowls in circles to each other and singing traditional Parsi songs. One lady will be sitting in between of the circle, singing song and preparing a mix of haldi and milk. This is used for bride and groom to anoint with.

Wedding Rituals:

    The day of Lagan first the bride and groom will go through this ritual where they will have purification bath and dressed in Parsi traditional attire. The attire consists of White traditional saree for a girl called as Madhavate saree given by her parents and for a groom white kurta suit with black cap called as Parsi Dagli and Feta.
    The official opening of Parsi wedding ceremony begins here where the bride’s mother brings a tray with rice, water, dates, raw eggs and supari and circles it around the groom’s head for seven times and then will broke the peeled coconut to the right side of the groom and pour that water on two sides of him. Then he will be allowed to enter inside. After that groom mother will perform the same activity for the bride and then she will be taken inside. Most of the wedding ceremonies in the Parsi community happens after 6 pm or early in the morning because as per their community, these times are auspicious and they happen generally in baug or an agiary Fire temple.
    Ara Antar:
    In this ritual, the boy and girl will sit opposite to each other and there will be a white cloth to avoid direct contact between both. They both will be given rice in their hands and priest will take circles around them with chanting and thread for seven times. They have held the rice till seventh round and after completion of seventh round they must throw rice on each other. It is believed that whoever throws it first onto other person will have the upper hand in the relationship.
    Chero Bandvanu:
    The couple will sit now next to each other with seven strings and there will be lamps located next to both and witnesses after that. Now there will be a shower of rice and flower petals on the couple from all people in the ceremony. After the blessings, they will exchange rings to each other and all this happens in between of prayers by the priest. And once done the priest will officially announce them as husband and wife. Then the couple takes the blessings of fire from the Agiary.
    Haath Borvanu:
    After the formal marriage completion, there will be few fun activities for entertainment for couples like the bride’s sister demanding money till his hand is dipped in water, blind folding for couples and milk poured on groom footwear etc. This all are part of entertainment for the new couple and near and dear.

Post Wedding Reception:

Generally, this is the last even for the wedding and the reception is carried out based on the availability and the way they want to celebrate it which is always not mandatory. However, the couple are made to sit on the platform arranged stunningly with all flowers and decorative items. There will be people who have not attended the marriage hence this is extended to all of them. The well-wishers, friends and others will come to wish the couple would bless them for long and beautiful life ahead with their gifts.

There will be a few events as part of this Parsi wedding ceremony where there will be songs and dances by all relatives. Couple also does participate in this and enjoy.

Finally, after everything the time for sending the girl to groom house. So, there will be shower of gifts from her parents and brothers. The heavy situation where there will be lot of emotional weight and the girl will be taking send off from her family and groom’s family assuring them that they will take care of her in any situation.

At the groom’s house, groom’s mother for newlywed couple again conducts the Archumichu ritual before they are entering the house. Here mostly it will be groom side relatives and kids will participate in this activity and make the situation livelier for everyone; especially for the bride to get comfortable with environment on the first day.

The marriage ceremony completes here, the best and most colourful marriages are known in the Parsi community because they all are mostly into the good economic background and they will always consider it as a very prestigious and honourable to celebrate grandly marriages in their community.

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