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A Guide To A Hindu Wedding!

October 5, 2017
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Marriage ritual is a very hard and effortful job. There are so many activities included in this and when it comes to Hindu wedding the most complicated is reason, because of the list of rituals followed one after another.

Worldwide we see more than 800 million followers for this community and few rituals may differ from each other sub-community, but overall the most important rituals remain the same.

Let us see on what all are the rituals in Hindu Wedding:

The marriage in Hindu community is considered as for a life taking the Vedas of Hinduism into consideration. Which means the bondage between two individuals will be lifelong in all situations and consequences. This means the fulfillment of life with each other will lead them to heaven after death as they have fulfilled their responsibility completely.

The wedding starts with the first step of deciding the auspicious date of marriage which is called mahurat. This is based on the time and date of birth of the bride and groom the pundits decided one auspicious day and time when the marriage ritual need to be performed.

Next followed by engagement, this is the time when the above-mentioned date and time are announced and a get together is planned for all relatives, near and dear. The ritual performed here is depending on sub-communities again however mostly it will be exchange of clothes, ring and performing few Shanti poojas.

When the day of wedding coming there are rituals based on again community and region, wherein in North India they call it as Baraat where the Groom is taken to the marriage hall with full celebrations and warm welcoming from Bride’s family. In South India, the Baraat is not performed; however the welcoming of Groom inside the marriage hall is done with auspicious chanting in the presence of pundits.

There is a ritual called as Kashi yatra which is followed in a few of the communities, this is kind of fun activity where it is said that the guy gets exhausted of this life and wanted to travel to Kashi to become a saint or a sadhu to let go all materialistic attractions of life. Then the bride father/brother goes and speak with the guy saying that they have a prospective girl for marriage in their family and requesting him to come and marry her. Then they give gifts, wash his legs and get him home after convincing him for marriage.

Kankana dhara is the ritual, wherein an auspicious thread is tied for both bride and groom along with their immediate family members. This is the first step towards bondage of marriage. This auspicious thread is not supposed to be removed by any of them until the complete ritual of marriage is completed and purohit announces to do so.

Varamala or Jaymala is the flower garland decorated to Groom by the women siblings of the Bride and welcoming him inside with a tilak and harati officially.
Once the groom is brought into Mandap the main rituals starts with Dhanas and as this is an auspicious ritual the groom is expected to do various types of Dhanas to Brahmins which include Cow (Gau dana), Gold, Silver, Clothes, Various types of grains including rice etc. This is to eradicate any evil power prevailing on him or his family.

The main ritual in the marriage is Kanyadana which means the father or brother of Bride will make it official and handovers his daughter or sister to the Groom saying that now the girl is been officially handed over to him. The father/brother washes the legs of Groom and sprinkles that water on their heads. This is the respect they are giving for Groom for accepting their girl in his life.

The main episode of Mangalyadarana follows with Kanyadana where the Groom ties the managalya to Bride with three nots and giving a promise to everyone who are present in ritual, all 5 gods of survival (Fire, Water, Air, Land and Sky) that whatever situation might come in future and whatever problems or challenges he/she face in their life will not leave each other for whole life till their death.
People present in this marriage ceremony wish the couple whole heartedly and flowers and auspicious rice is showered on them as token of blessing from everyone.

After this the couple are supposed to take 7 rounds around the fire of homa that is laid in between of all the ritual performed so far. This means the seven steps they are taking together is the first step towards their future and they both will be together in all steps of life going further in all kind of situations.

After above ritual the couple will be taken to see the sky and the auspicious star called Arundhati and takes its blessing which means that it is gracing them prosperity and successful married life for both.
Next followed by Ashirwada sweekara from everyone this starts with God has first where mostly family will have to perform pooja to Family god and which is followed by another god and goddess.

After that the blessings of near and dear ones of family, including both side parents and immediate family members shower their blessings on the newly married couple for long and happy life.
The next and the final step of marriage ritual is to remove the Kankana that is tied at beginning of ritual and announcing it to the world that the two of them are couple now and will lead life together going forward.

Based on community and region there are few more rituals also post marriage performing poojas and taking the girl first time to grooms house and after 3 days few auspicious rituals performed at Grooms house and followed by couple visiting back to Bride house to complete the marriage ritual by taking a send-off with all gifts from family members.

Overall the auspicious and colourful event comes to and ends with a positive and cheerful note.

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