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8 Significant Points To Choose A Less Expensive Wedding Caterer

January 5, 2018

Weddings are remembered by the guests for the wonderful food that is served. So, you surely want the best caterer for your wedding. But if cost is the problem, then it is important that you take appropriate measures in order to get a less expensive wedding caterer. Here are some tips for achieving this goal.

Get Referrals

Before you choose the caterer, try to get referrals from people who have just had some major events like weddings etc in their house. From the list, shortlist those with whom you can negotiate.

Your Budget

One of the most important things for getting a less expensive wedding caterer is to know what your budget is. Once you are clear about this it becomes easier even for the caterer to decide on how he needs to plan for your wedding menu.

The Art of Negotiating

If you want a less expensive wedding caterer then you must know how to negotiate. Yes, you need to talk to them about what are your exact requirements, how many guests you will be having and based on this try to get the best offer from the caterer.

Let the menu be simple

If you want a less expensive wedding caterer then try to keep the menu simple. Try to cut down on the number of dishes. Like instead of having three desserts cut it down to just two desserts. Instead of having starters and soups, you can have either a starter or soup on the list. When the number of dishes comes down, the cost will also come down.

The Cutlery Factor

Yes, you surely want the food to be served on the best plates, but you can ask the caterer for cheaper options in this as well. Instead of expensive glassware, there are options for decent looking plastic plates, etc.

Presentation Factor

Sometimes money is spent unnecessarily on a presentation like decorating the table with fruit carvings etc which will all go waste and at the same time will add to the cost. Ask your caterer to avoid all these unnecessary things.

Serving the guests

Ask the caterer to appoint people to serve the guests. Make sure that they serve only the required quantity and that there is not much wastage. Remember that food will get wasted for no reason and this too will add to the cost.

You may try amateurs

You can also try out amateurs who have just entered into this business of catering or may be appointed part-time caterers etc which will also help in cutting down the cost.

Keep in mind that proper planning and taking the right decision can help you cut down on the cost that you incur as far as wedding catering is concerned. But while cutting down the cost do not compromise on the quality and taste of the food because your guests will remember your wedding food for the next few years.

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