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8 Obvious Questions To Ask Your Wedding Caterer

December 13, 2017

When making decisions about weddings, one needs to ask pertinent questions to all those involved in organizing it; right from the florists to the caterers to the decorators. Of these, the wedding caterer is very important to be considered, since food forms a significant part of weddings especially when it’s an Indian wedding. Here are some questions you must ask your wedding caterer.

The time of bookings

Make sure that you ask your caterer how much in advance you should make the booking and pay the money to him or her. This will ensure their availability for your event, and you can be assured of a confirmation from their side.

Sample Tastings

Ensure that you ask your caterer how many sample tastings are allowed, which courses will be covered, what variations can be tried and so on, so you will be aware of the same. This will help familiarize you with the styles of the caterer and will help in making sure that you are satisfied with the food.

Different Styles

Not everyone might want a traditional dinner or lunch, some wedding parties might require barbeques, yet others might want breakfast or high tea; make sure you state your requirements to them clearly. Do make sure that the caterer can deliver your request.


Communicate clearly to the caterer about all the equipment he or she might need, and ask if any of these will have to be hired separately with individual costs for the same. Ask if you have to foot the costs for these or if the wedding catering is inclusive of this as well.


Ask the wedding caterer if he or she will be providing the cutlery required for the event or if you have to arrange for the same from other sources. Ask about tablecloths, linen, napkins and any such details from the wedding caterer, since all these are important for your wedding.

Past Experience

Assessing the past experience of your wedding caterer can help you decide his or her capabilities, while also deciding whether he or she is the right fit for your wedding. This can also help you get references from someone else about their experience with the caterer.

Cancellation Policies

Make sure that you understand the cancellation policies of the wedding caterer correctly since this can save you from shelling out a huge amount, in case you decide to cancel him or her and opt for someone else. Comply with the policies they have laid down and make sure you are not taken for a ride.

Special Additions

You might need different items at your weddings; chocolate fountains, ice cream dispensers, candy machines and so on. Ask if your caterer supplies these and if so, what the extra costs are. It is important to compare the costs your caterer costs to outside costs; this will help in deciding which of these options you are to go for.

Asking your caterer all these questions will prevent unnecessary communication gaps, and will make your wedding one reckon with, and one to remember. Make a checklist of the same for your wedding.

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