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8 Eye-Catchy And Inexpensive Wedding Centerpieces

November 20, 2017

Weddings are all about fun and memories. Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable, and want a unique touch for each aspect. One thing that can make a huge impact on the minds of the invitees is the wedding décor. Ideal wedding décor should consider many things like the taste of the couple, the season they are getting married in, the place and time the wedding is. Balancing all these aspects, the decor, color scheme and more are worked out. One décor detail that is tiny but can make a strong impression is the Wedding Centerpiece. These are the tiny decorative pieces that are kept on every table. Why are these so important? While your guests will no doubt be dazzled by the entire décor, they will spend a lot of time on their tables. The one element that is prominent there is the wedding centerpiece. Some unique ideas to make the tables pop!

Glass jar tricks:

One of the most popular wedding centerpiece ideas are to use glass jars/bottles. Fill the glass jars with sand and add color. You can add flowers or boards like “Love story begins” making them colorful as well as creative.

Love tins:

You can pick disposable glasses and mark them with love quotes. Fill these glasses with flowers that match the overall flower decor

Floating magic:

Pick tube-shaped glasses and fill them with water and flower petals. Drop floating candles into them and you can be assured of making the wedding centerpiece not only beautiful but charmingly romantic.

Wonder wine glasses:

Who said wine glasses can be used only to have wine? Wine glasses when upside down can become great wedding centerpieces. All you need to do is place a flower within the glass and place the glass upside down on the table, with a gorgeous candle balanced on the base of the upturned glass.

Glam it up with bottles:

Wine bottles can be of great use even after they are empty. How? Simple. Fill the wine bottles with glitter and place them on the table! If you want more drama, then paint the wine bottle with a thin layer of glue, roll it in glitter and stick a bunch of battery-operated LED lights into the bottle. Voila! Your wedding centerpiece is ready!

Theme based idea:

If you are looking at something that adds great meaning to your momentous occasion, then the wedding centerpiece can be a glass filled with building blocks symbolically saying that you are on the verge of building the new relation


How about turning your wedding favors into wedding centerpieces? Intrigued? You can go for options like small fish bowls or indoor plants that the guests who are interested can take them along!

Paper art:

For those wishing to add a dash of color, a professional origami artist can create the wedding centerpiece of your dreams.

Thus, for people who are ready to explore new ideas, the list of wedding centerpiece is endless. If you have a knack for craft, you can actually make these yourself! Have fun and enjoy your wedding!

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