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8 Best Accessories For Groom To Make Him Look Like A Prince

December 7, 2017

Men too are glamour conscious nowadays and therefore like to pamper themselves with the latest concepts which enhance their handsome look. On any special occasions, men, like the fairer gender, do not hesitate to keep themselves more appropriate to the special event. There is no denial that wedding for everyone is a very special and rare occasion and therefore yearns to be as stunning as possible. Unless you compliment yourself with the latest styling accessories, you may not be a matching pair for the bride. In the grand Indian weddings, there are umpteen options of groom accessories to be the best of you.


If you desire to flaunt the traditional Indian outfit for the special occasion, there is no denial that the pagdi or the turban would be the first accessory you should think of. This would not only be in keeping up the traditional attire but also add to the stunning outlook of the groom.


The vintage piece of brooch or kalgi or a sarpech, as colloquially called, adds to the elegance of the turban one wears on the occasion. You can have one of the best ones either embedded with precious stones or pearls for a trendy look.

Long Chain

The long necklace enhances the significance of the outfit you wear and it could be either multi-layered with a pendant or of a single string with large sized beads of pearls or ornate stones. Depending upon the size of the beads or the stones, a three-layered piece also would be more attractive. This is also one of the groom accessories¸ which should not be ignored.

Long Scarf

A tasseled or a ball-shaped bunch of plaits at the end of the long scarf or the dupatta would be very attractive when you prefer to wear a sherwani for the occasion. The dupatta of either color matching or of contrasting color could also be draped around the neck. If you are comfortable, you can also wear the scarf around one arm and wrap around the other hand. The perfect long scarf of color combination would indeed turn heads.

Pocket Square

The breast pocket of the jacket or a sherwani could be added with a pocket square of lightweight linen or silk for enhancing the outstanding personality.

Cuff Links

Cufflinks made of either glass, stone, precious metal or combination of these would, no doubt, would accentuate the elegance of the outfit. The combination of the groom accessories would take the grandeur to the next level.

Wrist Watch

There is no dearth of sophisticated and trending designs of a wristwatch to wear for the occasion. Surely, the guests do not hesitate to admire the choice you make for the occasion. The latest models and designs in the market are of choicest shapes and sizes to suit everyone.


Classy shoes matching to the outfit would the bride and other guests fall flat. If you prefer to wear a sherwani, a conventional jutti or mojari would surely be a perfect match for the occasion.

The combination of above groom accessories with the perfect color match would make you an outstanding bride groom and look like a prince. It is no exaggeration that you will be showered with the choicest appreciation from all the guests.

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