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8 Beauty mistakes a bride should avoid!

December 19, 2017

Getting into marriage during the heavy monsoon appears like a marvellous affair. The air is cooler and the environment is simply so romantic. Like there are pros and cons to each matter, so runs the same with the decision to get married in monsoon. At the same time, to look quite fantastic amid a monsoon wedding, you have to recognize what sort of cosmetics works and what doesn’t.

Here are 8 slip-ups never to make for a rainstorm wedding!

Stay away from using cream-based cosmetics items

It is advised to stay away from cream-based eye-shadows as they smear and also softens the face. A safe alternative is to use powdered eye-shadows for monsoon weddings. They are available in shades of champagne, pink, dark coloured, mauve and beige. You won’t have to stress over them blurring in the wet climate.

The more detailed the hairdo, the more troublesome it is to deal with

Simple style haircuts bring brownie focus at a monsoon wedding. Since hair is inclined to getting soggy and fuzzy in the rainfall, a detailed hairdo may turn out to be excessively troublesome, making it impossible to re-try and keep up. Blasts and layers are perfect hairdos for a rainstorm wedding. Continuously keep a couple of bobby sticks in your satchel, you never know when they can prove to be useful to rescue a hairdo turned out bad in case you accidentally get wet.

Try not to get that Kajal!

Gel and waterproof eyeliners are the best to use in case of monsoon wedding. If you’re faithful to utilizing kohl and Kajal, ensure that they’re smudge proof. To influence your eyeliner to last more, utilize an eyeliner pencil in the first place, and after that apply the gel eyeliner over it. Has exactly the intended effect inevitably!

Avoid gleam and sparkle

The more sparkle you have all over, the more you would glow! If it is that you’ve utilized cosmetics, then the key is to make use of fewer items and mix more. Matte Bronzers too are astute picks.

Avoiding the powder

Oil engrossing powder is the thing that will work wonders for your skin amid the storms and keep your cosmetics set up.

Not washing your face again and again

We know how chaotic weddings can get. You need your skin to look perfect and solid not sleek. So make it a point to remove your excess cosmetics.

Not saturating enough

In case you need your skin to look glowing at the wedding, you must saturate! wash your face and utilize a water-based lotion twice every day. This propensity should influence your skin to infant delicate and smooth.

Disregard utilizing styling items or thinking about hair medicines

Attempt to avoid styling items and hair medicines amid the monsoon since it harms the hair surface.So these are the basic tips you should make a note of if you are getting married in monsoon season.

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