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7 Ways That Will Help You Make Your Married Life More Interesting

October 30, 2017

The beginning of every marriage is fun. Maybe things are interesting for the first few years. What is important is keeping it that way for the long term! It is common to have highs and lows and at times, it seems like a struggle to keep everything going on happy. First thing, no matter how hectic life gets, don’t forget to do exciting things with your partner; maybe like going on a holiday; a late night movie! Here is a list of 7 things that will keep the spark in your relationship and keep your married life much more interesting.

Try new hobbies together :

It is common for a person to have hobbies of his own. Doing your own thing is not as exciting as doing something you both enjoy doing together. Pick out something that both of you enjoy and try it out! If it works well, you can make it a weekend pass time. You get a chance to spend more time together. That means more time to talk, laugh, and have fun- all together

Go on a trip :

Maybe it’s been long since you took a holiday because you are buying with your tight work schedule. That won’t help keep your at-home life interesting. It needs a change. Pack your bags and get away from all the stress for a day or two or maybe even a week! This helps you catch up on all the stuff you missed coming together because of the hectic schedule you had.

It’s ok to fool around :

Just because you are, a married couple does not mean that you have to be responsible and working all day long. You can be that version of you, which existed in high school! Play games, dance, click random pictures, and have loads of fun! It’s surprising how being a little kid, can make time fly by and make everything seem so interesting again. Occasionally, this is absolutely fun and fine.

No ‘chore wars’ please :

One thing you should avoid doing for a happy marriage is not to fight over little things like ‘who should do the dishes’ or ‘who should take the trash out’. Learning to do everything together can help make even odd jobs interesting and fun.

Create a shared viewpoint :

This is where most couples make everything go wrong. They stop seeing eye-to-eye on things and often have different viewpoints. Take time to sit down, relax and then talk things out. Then it is easy to find a point in the discussion that both of you agree about. Jointly plan out major decisions in life and put in the effort that requires. This can make your married life happy and in turn more interesting.

Verbalize your feelings :

When it comes to being happy and being in a happy relationship or happy married life, you need to be expressive about your feelings. Show you, partner, that you love him/her. Also, show that you have been hurt by something that previously happened between the two of you instead of leaving them to wonder what happened. This makes life with you much more interesting for your partner.

Be full of surprises :

Plan a romantic evening together as a surprise for your partner. Host a surprise party. Do anything that will surprise him/her and make him live the moment!

Try to implement one of these and you’ll see how happy you can be. Keep doing it and keeping being happy! It is as simple as pie to make your married life much more interesting. Even little things can add a lot to your relationship.

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