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7 Mehendi Ceremony Themes In Trend Now

November 6, 2017

Mehendi Ceremony is an auspicious and joyful ceremony held the day before the wedding. It is a special occasion for a bride as well as the groom. “The Mehendiwaali Raat” is really a sought-after night for every would-be bride. A boring Mehendi ceremony is not desired at all. There should be some specialty in this ceremony to frame it as a lifelong memory.For having a better idea, you can go through the top 7 trendy Mehendi Ceremony themes from which you can choose the desired one.

A Bright and Colorful Theme :

If you prefer vibrant colors, then this theme is for you. The ceremony hall is decorated with the draping of bright-colored fabrics of orange, pink, green, and blue colors. A glamorous, vibrant, and bright stage can be placed for the bride. Placing multi-colored lanterns on the tables and stage will enhance the beauty of the overall décor. Colorful and heavy-worked cushions can be placed in the bride’s seating area. The dress and make-up of the brides hould be compatible with the theme to grab everyone’s attention.

Floral Theme :

Flowers are always an integral part of any wedding ceremony. If you prefer a mind-blowing floral theme for your Mehendi ceremony at night, then go ahead with this theme. There will be different flowers all over the hall. You can discuss with your wedding planner if you have any personal choice of flowers.

Bright and colorful flowers will be perfect for your vibrant Mehendi ceremony at night. The bride can have a get up of the floral ornaments for having the compatible look with this theme.

Traditional Theme :

The Mehendi Ceremony can be made memorable by decorating the whole venue with a traditional theme. Rajasthani mela theme is a classic theme for the mehendi ritual. This theme contains colorful Rajasthani umbrellas, bridal sofa along with glitter cushions, bridal seating backdrop, marigold flower-decorated trees and so on. You can select your intended color (such as orange and hot pink) or a mix of colors including lime green, purple, orange, and pink for the overall decoration.

Bollywood Theme :

If you are an ardent fan of Hindi Films, then this theme is perfectly suitable for you. The jewelry, outfit, and dancing can be inspired from the Bollywood. You can consult with your theme planner about your own choice.

Mela Theme :

Everyone loves mela and its interesting twists. The mela theme contains drapes of vibrant colors of yellow, hot pink, purple, orange, green, yellow or other attractive colors, genda phool décor, backdrop pinwheel, game stalls, bangle and foodstalls, folk music and dance and so on.

Creative Theme :

If you are a creative person, then it is natural to have a desire for a creative-themed mehndi celebration. It is an incredible theme for Mehendi Ceremony. You can choose various creative items by consulting with the planner. Some creative ideas are creative couple ride, strung pinwheels, decoupage stage, cutting chai walls, kettle hangings etc.

Royal Theme :

It is one of the colorful, elegant, and prominent themes for Mehendi Ceremony. This super stylish and colorful theme is decorated with vibrant colors, such as mint, fuschia, lime green, bright tangerine orange etc.

Now, it is the high time to go for the appropriate theme for your long-awaited mehndi celebration.

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