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7 Better Ways Why Matrimony Is Better Than Live-In Relationship

September 12, 2017
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Old is gold and this saying will always stand true in all situations how much ever modern we become. First of all, we belong to the species of human beings and we just can’t get away from that social set up which has been built for our own safety and meeting our requirements.

Nowadays, the younger generation is getting attracted towards the concept of live-in relationships. Some find it mandatory before settling down permanently with someone or you can say that it is an experimental phase in which the boy and the girl decide whether they are fit for each other by trying every aspect which a male-female united by the bond of matrimony enjoys. In fact, it’s the thought of our most highly educated class as they don’t want to task risk. Doesn’t it sound strange? Yes, it is. Human beings going through hit and trial method before choosing their final partners or you can say before becoming a part of that pure bond. Really? Does it even remain pure in any way?

A socially accepted relationship
Getting married to a person in front of the whole society and living with a person in a flat or a house on one’s own terms without any kind of recognition for the relationship, which sounds better? First of all, why should one get into such a relationship which you can’t dare to accept in front of others? It’s time to think for both boys and girls who enjoy the comforts of a relationship which only they know about.

Matrimonial Relationships need not be Hidden: Yes, the couple gets blessings from everyone to start their marriage on a happy note. It doesn’t need to be hidden from anyone and the couple enjoys the happiness of togetherness while being private or in public.

Feeling of Security: It certainly gives you a feeling of security as it is not only you, but your families and the whole society has accepted it. There’s no risk of the other person running away leaving you in a position to not even take any action.

Security of Children: What if a child is born out of a live-in relationship? If the couple is responsible enough, then it’s okay, but what if both try to get away from it. Think about the plight of that child.

Legally Accepted: Yes, it’s a legally accepted bond and both the partners need to follow a completely legal process even if they want to break it.

Long Lasting Relationships
Such relationships are certainly long lasting than others which are without any specific name.

Can’t be broken on One’s Own
Like live in relationships, matrimonial relationships can’t be broken any day by the other person and you get up on a morning with a note that your partner has fallen for someone else. It needs mutual consent and a whole legal procedure to break it. Even the end of matrimonial relationships has been given a name called divorce and it’s also available as proof in papers.

It shows how matrimony will always be better than living in relationships which young people die for. It’s a short-term attraction which mostly ends on a bitter note and the worst part is that any of the partners can’t do much on the legal front even after being exploited as it’s not a legally accepted relationship.

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