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6 Ways To Affair-Proof Your Marriage

September 5, 2017

Today’s world is facing this major issue with extra-marital affairs. These can be for various reasons, but the only outcome of this is none of the both will be happy because of one mistake. So, make sure any relation is carried with utmost honesty. Especially when it is a marriage relation because it is always built with trust and commitment towards each other.

Affair-proof marriage is not that tough when we understand the intensity of carrying a pleasant and peaceful relation of marriage. Few very instant and temporary feelings should not ruin the lifelong relationship. So, avoid those temptations and be focused on long-term happiness.

Ways to make a relation affair proof:

Attraction is main cause:

Opposite genders do attract. Majorly when the ideas and thoughts are common. So, have a control on attraction. This might lead to having a soft corner toward the individual. Take care of your feelings, keeping in mind your relationship status. Risk is always not good to take in personal front.

Hang around with spouse:

Partner is the best choice in life to go around and date with. Anything might happen and any issues might be there in life, but the best person to share with will always be the partner. This will make us cut intentions and attractions towards others.

Physical intimacy:

Today’s busy world has created an unwanted gap between couples which include their work culture, external pressure, financial issues etc. This makes the couple to have gaps in physical intimacy which in turn creating attraction towards outsiders. The spouse must understand the feelings of partner. Intimacy could be a natural urge and partners when are living up to other expectations will never give room for others to fill in the gap for any of the partners.

Spend quality time with partner:

Most of the lifestyle is decided and dominated by professional aspects. So out of that take time for your partner and make him/ her feel special. The commitment to relation and compassion will always keep us glad and happy. This will make us not to get into any further deviations in life. So, spending time with partner is the best secret of a successful marriage.


Every stage of life will have vulnerabilities so speaking about them will make us confident with a partner. There can be sensitive aspects which might create a lot of troubles if discussed but at some point, of time they must be discussed and cleared off.

Being Romantic:

Romance enhances marriage relation. So be romantic with spouse and make them feel special for you. This can be with a pleasant surprise, a candlelight dinner, a long walk etc. The more we are emotionally connected to our partner the less we get deviated from relation.
Life is so pleasant and joyful. The way we look at it always matters. So, take it in a positive way and build strong relationships with partner and make the best out of it.

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