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6 Real Reasons Why Sindoor Is Worn By Hindu Women In India‬

November 6, 2017

Marriage holds a great amount of significance in Hindu religion. It’s believed to be a ceremony which binds two people not only for a lifetime but even far beyond.Vermillion has been used in Hindu marriages since ages and it holds great significance. In fact, it holds a great value in the Indian society. Even after the marriage, women continue to apply Sindoor as a symbol of their married life. There are various rumors and misconceptions as to why women use sindoor. In this article, we will talk about the 6 real reasons why sindoor is worn by Hindu women in India.

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For husband’s longevity :

Hindu women go to the great extent in order to ensure that their male companion lives a long life. In Hinduism, it is a tradition to wear sindoor after one is married. It symbolizes their covet for their husband’s longevity. Because of this reason, a Hindu widow does not wear sindoor.

To get the blessings of the goddess :

According to Hinduism, marriage is a divine affair and blessing of the gods and goddesses is a must. Red is believed to be a color which shows power and represents the energy of the female goddesses Parvati and Sati. Sati is said to be the perfect wifeas she gave up her life for her husband’s honor. Parvati is also believed to bestow divine protection to the husbands of those women who apply vermillion on their foreheads and even bless them with good fortune.

To please Aries :

The house of Mesha is on the forehead and the color associated with Mars is red. It’s believed to be propitious. Hence red color sindoor is applied by Hindu women in order to bring good fortune and health.

It is an important custom :

The tradition of applying sindoor has been followed for more than 5000 years. It is believed that even goddess Sita and Parvati also used to apply Sindoor for her husband. It has been followed since time immemorial and has now become an important custom in Hindu religion.

Due to the physiological aspect :

Sindoor is applied on the forehead and is made with a mixture of turmeric, mercury, and lime. This is the rationale behind the increased sexual drive of married women. It also helps to regulate blood pressure. Sindoor should be applied up to the pituitary glandwhere all the feelings reside. This gives women a better control on their feelings.

Releases pressure and help to increase calmness :

An unmarried woman does not have any responsibilities and has no stress but when they get married all of a sudden the burden of many responsibilities come on their head and they might feel pressurized. Sindoor, when applied on the forehead, gives calmness and increases concentration.
All in all, sindor has a major significance in Hindu religion and plays a vital role. People believe in the importance of Sindoor and even in modern times, married Hindu women wear it

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