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Must Know Wedding Planning Tips

October 27, 2017

A wedding is the most precious event in anyone’s life. It’s an altogether a new adventure. At one corner of your heart, you feel excited, joyful and crazy. While on the other side you feel nervous, anxious and scared. It is a mixed feeling and anyone getting married has to go through it.

Being excited about your wedding is an obvious thing. But, hold on! In that excitement don’t forget to plan your wedding properly because it can lead it to a complete mess for you and you will end up not enjoying it and running from one corner to another for getting things settled. So, don’t be the victim and do the wedding planning in a proper manner. Follow the below mentioned tips to avoid any hassle in your wedding planning.

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Being Impatient :

You must be thinking the first thing to plan is the wedding venue. But No, it’s not the venue to be decided first. It’s the guest list to be on the top of the list while wedding planning because once you have an idea of how many numbers of guest will be invited, accordingly you can decide how big the venue is required.

Block the date :

The very next thing on the list should be deciding on the date of your wedding. Sometimes, there are too many wedding falling on the same date, so there must be difficulty in booking venue and other things. So decide it at the earliest and then inform your guests so that they can plan their schedule accordingly.

Book the venue:

The very next important thing is booking the venue. Your guest list is ready, your date is fixed. Now according to both the things, rush to the best venues in your city and block it before it is gone and you are left only rubbing your hands. Your wedding date may fall on one of the busiest days, so beware and plan it well.

Plan your Budget :

Wedding is that affair, no matter how much money you put in, it will always be less. So, before you come to a position where you have an empty wallet, plan your budget according to your bank balance. In wedding planning, planning your budget beforehand will give you relaxation and keep you at ease later.

Book your vendors:

Weddings unusually fall in busy days. So before all the stuff is booked and you are left with no options, book your vendors and fix them by offering some advance. Look out for the best one which offers the best price.

Plan your meal :

Guests are considered as God in our country. They have to be served good but definitely keeping all your expenses in place. Before you finalize any vendor for preparing the meal, explore options and choose the one which offers the best price but remember not to compromise on the quality of the meal.

Wedding planning can actually help you in cutting many expenses and streamlining many things. After all, it’s all about your D-Day, the most awaited one. Plan it well so that you can enjoy it without any hassle.

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