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6 Engagement Themes That Will Make You Fall In Love With Humanity

September 12, 2017
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The trend of organizing parties on the engagement day is getting popular. Just like wedding or anniversary parties, engagement parties also have their own charm and appeal. Theme based parties are hugely popular among the young couple. Whether it is Game of Thrones, Christmas theme, or under the sea theme, each of the themes is unique and makes the memorable – both for the couple as well as the guests at the event. If you are searching for an awesome theme for your engagement party, here is a list of a few engagement themes that are just amazing:

Fiesta themed party:

If you want the party to be happy and colourful, you should definitely check out this theme. Look for photos and videos of fiesta theme parties on the Internet. You can also ask your event organizer or planner to give you ideas regarding this particular theme. It has a bit of Mexican or Caribbean flavours to it. You’ll surely love it, so will the guests.

Undersea themed engagement party:

Everything in the party will be decorated as beneath the sea. There will be azure, blue, and green colours all around. Moreover, there could be dishes that are prepared to look like different sea creatures. For example macaroons shaped like seashells, cakes that look like fishes, and decors comprising of mermaids, water bubbles, and pearls. It is surely going to be attractive!

Superhero themed party:

If both of you are superhero fans, why don’t you organize a superhero themed party on the engagement day? You can wear themed dresses for the party. Ask the guests to come in different superhero attires of their choice. Keep superhero themed photography stations at the venue. The food stations should also be decorated according to the overall theme of the party.

Season themed party:

Choose the theme of the party based on the season you are getting engaged in. Choose different colours for different seasons. For example, for the autumn season, choose yellow, red, orange and other colours that depict the fall. You can choose white and blue for winters, and definitely green is for the spring months. Match the decor of the venue accordingly and choose food items accordingly for the guests.

Enchanted forest theme:

You can choose to get engaged in a party that looks like a gathering in a dense forest. Tables and chairs would be set amidst forest-like backdrop. For this theme, you could use wooden chairs and tables. Add fallen leaves and let roots of trees peep out here and there all around the venue. Overall ambience of a forest could be created. Try to add sound recordings of birds chirping, rustling of leaves, and whispering of winds.

Beach theme party:

If you love the surf and the sea, a beach themed party is just perfect for your engagement. You can organize a party by a beach or can recreate a beach in your backyard garden. Just make sure you have everything you need to have fun at the beach. If the party is in the evening, you can enjoy a bonfire too!

Let your imagination run wild in searching for the best theme for your engagement party. If you are short of ideas, ask your friends, neighbours, and other couples who have the experience of organising their engagement parties. Be imaginative, have a blast!

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