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6 Delicacies That Make North Indian Weddings a Complete Affair

October 26, 2017

Indian weddings are truly galactic events. Especially, in the northern part of India, weddings are comprised of haldi ceremony, Mehendi ceremony, sangeet, jaimala and a lot of dance, food, and drinks! Food is something that makes big fat north Indian weddings complete. There are different types of delicacies that are being prepared for the guests. All the mouth-watering delicacies are enjoyed by the guests. In fact, weddings in India remain incomplete without an array of delicacies. Have a north Indian wedding to attend soon? Wondering what can you expect to eat? Given below are 6 delicacies that have become an indispensable part of north Indian weddings over the years:

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Chole Bhature :

It is a typical Punjabi dish that is quite popular in North Indian weddings. It is a special dish cooked with chickpeas and assorted spices. People enjoy it with bhature, a specially made puri.

Rogan Josh :

This recipe originated from Kashmir. It is, in fact, the signature dish that you won’t ever like to miss on a trip to the valley. Rogan josh is a dish of meat that all non-vegetarians love. It is a spicy dish that looks and smells great. You can have it with bread or rice as per your choice.

Butter Chicken :

It is one of the delicacies without which the north Indian weddings remain incomplete. The dish offers a creamy layer of masalas or spices over tender chicken pieces. The food is cooked in butter, which gives it a wonderful texture and taste. The perfect blend of all the spices enhances the flavor and gives a taste that you’d surely love.

Achari Paneer Tikka:

It is an appetizer that has become quite popular in North Indian weddings. If you attend a north Indian wedding, you will see guests gathered near the paneer tikka counters. Paneer or cottage cheese is mixed with a number of spices and roasted over the hearth. It is served hot and is one of the most sought-after dishes of north Indian weddings.

Tadka Dal :

It is a recipe that is a must in almost all north Indian weddings. In fact, no Indian wedding is complete without some form of dal. In the northern side, the tadka dal is the most common. It is a relatively light dish and if you have digestion issues, you can definitely try tadka dal in place of other spicy recipes.

Palak Paneer :

It is yet another spicy recipe with cottage cheese that always gets its place in the wedding menu. The gravy is made using spinach as the main ingredient. It is relatively less spicy and you can have a plateful of rice or a couple of rotis with this delicacy.

In addition to these 6, there are many other delicious recipes that can be commonly found in North Indian weddings. In addition to these, there are many other delicacies, including desserts that are popular in North Indian weddings. You can never guess what is there in the menu. Every wedding is different and every dish is special. So, every wedding can give you a wonderful surprise!

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