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5 Ways To Throw A Luxury Wedding On A Budget

May 16, 2018

Every couple wishes for a dreamy and beautiful wedding. However, in today’s scenario, it is quite difficult to arrange a luxurious wedding in a desirable budget. From the wedding attires to venues, every little thing can empty your pockets! Does this mean you have to compromise the dream of a luxurious wedding? Definitely not!
You just need more research, search for the best resources and make some excellent budget planning to achieve this dream! Curious to know how? Here it is!

5 best ways to throw a luxury wedding in your desired budget!

Choose a unique, classy venue and brighten up the lights:

For making your wedding luxurious, you don’t need to spend a lot of bucks on the interior and décor. Choose a venue which is luxurious and unique in it! You can choose a beautiful open garden or an aquarium which won’t need any additional decorations!
The beautiful lights can make anything look awesome! Choose the lights very carefully which will make the venue look bright and give you a perfect background for every picture of yours! Add chandeliers, lamps and candles for natural lights!

Choose the rich colour palettes with posh flowers and bouquets:

Colours can simply make the wedding venue more amazing. If you want to make it look royal and elegant, choose the mesmerizing ivory shades and add-on candles everywhere! If you want a colourful venue, choose the pin spotlights and beautiful colour palette to make it look even classier!
If you don’t want to spend much on décor, use a lot of flowers for decorations, the most glorious and beautiful flower combinations with bouquets on the chairs and dining area will simply brighten up the entire décor!

Groom the boys who serve and Offer cocktails at receptions:

Nothing can be more luxurious than the etiquettes and grooming followed throughout the wedding arrangements. Arrange dress code and tuxedos for the boys, give special haircuts. Also, don’t forget to make them wear white gloves while serving which shows clear royalty! This is a very traditional way of serving guests but can be made more interesting!
Rather serving the costly drinks in full glasses, merge the drinks which taste awesome together and save money! What an awesome idea to flaunt the cocktails and maintain the budget!

Add mirrors and glass décor with lounge furniture:

Want to double the beautiful lights and flowers at the venue? Make the venue look extremely dreamy while adding mirrors which will reflect it all! Moreover, glass décor is always luxurious and classy!
What can be more interesting and lavish than lounge furniture? Get some luxurious lounge furniture, and chairs with a beautiful silk finish on rent and showcase the finest seating!

Highlight the entrance and Make the entry catchy:

If you want to amaze and impress the guests at once, make the entrance catchy! Add chandeliers, beautiful canopies, add some stairs and decorate with flowers, try some DIY décor and inspire your guests! The bride and groom ultimately make the wedding luxurious! Don’t follow the same entry practices and choose unique entries! Sing a song, play the best music in the background, arrive in a beautiful decorative carriage, this is simply classic!
These are some of the smartest and the most creative ways through which you can throw a luxury wedding without stepping out from your estimated budget zone!

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