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Unique Rituals of India That Make Engagements An Amazing Experience

October 27, 2017

Engagement is a beautiful phase in which a relationship takes the first step towards commitment. It is a beautiful ceremony which not only connects two people for the whole life but also bonds 2 families! In India, the engagements and weddings get more exciting and important due to this unique rituals. All the unique rituals which take place during engagements have a unique meaning and significance as well!

This amazing pre-wedding ceremonyincludes one of the best rituals of ring ceremony through which the couple is bonded for the lifetime! Just like the ring ceremony, there are some other interesting and fun-filled rituals which give more power and value to the engagement ceremony.

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Ring ceremony :

This is one of the common ceremonies which people believe is extracted from the western culture. But since eras, Indians have been performing this amazing ritual where the bride and groom exchange rings. It is a beautiful ritual where the groom’s family officially asks for the bride and then the couple exchange rings. The significance of this ritual is to connect the bride and groom with the medium of a ring for the whole lifespan!

Tikka ritual:

The tikka ceremony is combined with the engagement which is one of the amazing rituals for the bride and groom. In this ritual, the bride’s family carries a silver tray filled with some rice, saffron, dates, and coconut to the groom’s home. The groom’s sister ties a scarf in the groom’s neck and people gift various sweets, dishes, gifts and various other presents to him. The bride’s family applies tikka on the groom’s forehead and presents gold, money, and gift to the groom. The same ritual is performed for the bride by the groom’s family. The jewelry, clothes, presents, and money is gifted to the bride as well!

Blessings and Gifts- Most Important Part:

After the bride and groom exchange rings and performs the tikka ritual, the blessings are taken from all the elders of the family. The other family members also present gifts and blessings to the bride and groom. This is the first step towards making the relationship official and legal before the wedding in which, not more people like wedding are invited!

Sangeet or Dholki:

This is generally a ritual which is performed during the wedding but nowadays, this is a common ritual during engagement ceremonies too. After the exchange of rings, women play music and dance with joy. This is to celebrate the engagement and the bond of two people getting together for their life! People even prepare performances and special songs for making the sangeet ceremony more exciting! The preparation for the ceremony starts from even a month before sometimes as everyone wants to give their best performance.

Kumkum pagla:

In this ritual, the bride is welcomed for the first time in the groom’s house. This is the official acceptance of the bride in the groom’s family and thus, it is considered one of the most pious unique rituals. When the engagement gets over, the groom’s mother welcomes the bride in her house while placing a kumkum thaali on the entrance. The bride steps in this Kum Kum water and walks into the home. This is considered as a very pious and peaceful entry of the bride in the groom’s home!

These are the most beautiful unique rituals of the engagement ceremonywhere the bride is accepted in the groom’s home and the couple is blessed with gifts and blessings. People celebrate the joy by cutting a cake, dancing and partying!

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