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5 Types of Trending Paperless Wedding Invitation (Go-Green)

March 12, 2018

The wedding invitation is a warm and passionate way to invite people to a wedding. Since ages, the wedding invitation designs have transformed. Couples keep finding some interesting ways to invite people to their wedding with all the warmth. One of the special and modern ways to invite people is the paperless wedding invitation. Paperless wedding invitations are also named as go green wedding invitations as the invitations are sent online through internet. This is the most convenient and easy way to invite people while just clicking a button.

Let’s know 5 most famous and beautiful paperless wedding invitations trending nowadays

Photo Invitation

Everybody loves to share their pictures online and if you are sending a wedding invitation, what can be more interesting than a couple pictures in the front? Choose the best picture of yours and place it on the front page. You can add the wedding details in beautiful bold and italic letters while highlighting your romance in the entire invitation. Get a beautiful online invitation with your picture and make it look more gorgeous. You can also create a small timeline with your memorable dates and events while depicting it in a romantic way. This is a fabulous idea for a paperless wedding invitation.

Floral Silhouette Invitation

If you want something rich, royal and elegant, choose a floral silhouette invitation which looks perfectly gorgeous. Choose a golden background with glittery shade and black calligraphic writings. Decorate the upper and lower frame with classic golden floral design and your amazing wedding invitation is ready! Experiment a bit with different colors and fonts to make the invitation look royal and more sophisticated.

White Wedding Flowers

You can go all white with stunning white flowers and silver accents. This will add a lot of elegance and keep the festivities light and romantic.

‘Save the date’ style Invitation

The famous and trending save the date style wedding invitations are just awesome. If you want to try something trending and unique for your online wedding invitations, go for this style. Prepare a calendar style, a vintage themed or floral ‘save the date’ wedding invitation and invite your guests online with ease.

Beautiful chalkboard Wedding Invitation

The chalkboard invitations are quite interesting. If you want to try something funky and customized, choose the chalkboard wedding invitation where you can insert a mason jar, flowers, the wedding date and much more. Make it colorful using beautiful fonts and colors and send this precious online wedding card to your guests.

Animated wedding invitations

Nothing can be more interesting than the animated wedding invitations. The most popular and flexible kind of electronic wedding invitation is the animated one. There are millions of animations which you can include in your wedding invitation. Choose your favorite pictures, get those pictures animated and use them in the invitation. You can also add accessories like animated cake, bouquets ring or the animated pictures of a wedding which will make your online invitation idea more successful.

These are the most creative and innovative electronic paperless wedding invitation ideas trending all over. Choose the theme of your choice and design the best invitations to your guests in the most passionate way.

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