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5 Privacy Concerns Of Millennials On Connecting Social Media To Matrimony Sites

September 12, 2017
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It is a surprise if you have not heard of the term Millennial. After all, these are the people who belong to the Generation Y. And, there is a huge probability that you right there, reading this write up belong to the category of a Millennial. Smartphones are used by almost 90% of millennial. In fact, almost 93% have an access to the Internet. The social media usage has enhanced and continues to increase in leaps and bounds. The most specific attributes associated with you is the familiarity with communication, digital technology, and media. So, you know what the context is.

Even with all the seamlessness and feasibility governing the life of the Y generation people, the drawbacks cannot be obliterated. Undoubtedly, coming to the privacy of the life of the couples, there is a lot at stake!

It will be interesting to witness 5 concern, one at a time:-

Your personal information

You may be on any social media platform. You have disclosed a myriad of information to the online service. Your date of birth, your birthplace, your school name, your mother’s maiden name, your favourite colour or your favourite book. But, are these really worth to be shared with you. Back in the old days, these things used to be known just by family members. And now anyone with some sort of hacking technique can know everything about you.

Your position

In almost all the chat groups, there is that information where in the place of existence is shared. There can be so many places and so many people whom you would not like to share this information. A simple ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ can ruin your life.

Your photographs

Even with all the privacy options, your photographs shared with the social media are able to be misused. And this in spite of all the security covers. Sad, disheartening and scary at the same time. So, next time you are posting a picture of your husband, your girlfriend or your kids, be really aware!

Your opinions

Your opinions in the comment section are not just for you. The tagged friends can read it. In fact, the friends of friends can read it too. This is the acumen, many Companies before hiring an employee, make sure to go through his or her social media posts and comments. One inapt comment and you see the probability of you getting that job fading away and finally vanishing.

Your safety

It’s a bad, really bad world out there. And who better than a social media millennial can comprehend this. You cannot use the social media accounts! In fact, you have to be active on it. But, there is always that peace of mind which is in danger in this. There is always the loophole of safety and security of you, your home and your family members at stake.
It is, thus, advisable to enjoy the prose of the social media, but beware of the cons. Have a happy life! Be safe. Be secure!

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