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5 Myths About Manglik Marriage

November 2, 2017

Tying the nuptial knot is not easy. It requires a lot of steps and has to undergo a long process of matchmaking. Matchmaking is still a compulsion in many Hindu families and most of the times the families are watchful for the Manglik Dosh. Hindus, therefore, avoid getting into a marital relationship if such dosh is found, as they are of the opinion that the effect of Mars falls negative on the partner’s life.
There are but many myths associated with the Manglik Marriages and these are as follows:

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Delay in Manglik Marriage :

Many people think that if the position of Mars is in the house of marriage then there is an unexpected delay in the marriage of that person. But this may not happen in every case as the chances of delay in marriage will only happen in few cases as it entirely depends upon the presence of the planet in that house.

Double Dosha :

People also believe that Manglik marriage is a double dosha, which it does not exists as there is nothing like a double dosha in astrology.

Partner’s Death :

There is also a misconception that the person who has Manglik dosha his or her life partner has to face the early death. This is not true as it is likely to happen in the case in which the position of mars is highly afflicted. In addition, such horoscopeshave more than two afflictions to the seventh house. Therefore, it is not always possible that a person who is Manglik is life-threatening for his or her partner.

Born on Tuesday :

Some people have a misconception that the people born on Tuesday are impacted by the Manglik Dosha. This is just a myth as the birth on Tuesday rather neutralizes the negative effect of the Manglik Dosha.

Manglik Means Dosha :

Many conservative families are also of the opinion that if a person is Manglik it is a dosha. However, according to the science of astrology, the dosha varies and it is highest for the boy in the 7th house whereas for the girl it is highest in the 8th house. The impact of mangal grah in a person’s life will, therefore, be determined by the position of the planet.

Marscan thus create a problem in the marital relationship only if is in anterdasha, pratyanter dasha and in transit. Therefore, it is important to understand that it gives bad effect on Manglik married life only if it is in combination with other planets. If it’s in own sign, it will rather benefit the person and would not give any bad result in the married life. It is instead believed that the Mars reduces the evil effects as its effects double up when it is in its own house. The ill effects of this dosha can also be neutralized by performing some Manglik marriage rituals.


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