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5 Attention Grabbing Wedding Invitation Titles

March 28, 2018

The wedding invitation is the first impression of a wedding. You must enrich your wedding invitation with mesmerizing words and titles which can draw the attention of your guests. If you want your marriage to become a memorable and a grand affair, let your wedding invitations become the first move.

We get numerous wedding invitations and few of those make a permanent space in our mind. The impact of such wedding invitation is really high. You can build such a memorable invitation by using some catchy invitation titles.

Here are the top 5 Wedding Invitation titles which will mesmerize your guests:

“You are invited with your family”

If you are looking for a formal and decent title, this is the best-suited title for your wedding invitation. Especially if the invitation is in honor of the parents, this is the most sophisticated and simple way to add a title. Choose some beautiful fonts, colours and top the wedding invitation with this fabulous title. This is purely a formal and unique title for wedding invitation.

“Love laughter, happily ever after…”

If you want to make your invitees share a broad smile when they receive your invitation, this is the perfect title for the wedding invitation. This title consists of all the elements of a colourful wedding which you can try. A marriage is truly filled with love, laughter and a happily ever after for the couple and is a refreshing title to use.

“Two lives, two hearts, joined together in friendship united forever in love”

Well, if you want to depict your friendship and love story in a dreamy way, this is the best title to choose. A lot of friendships turn into love and if this is your story, here is the best title which you must choose. This is a stimulating title phrase which you can use as a heading for your wedding invitation. Flaunt your beautiful connection with your spouse with this cool wedding invitation title.

“Come for the love, stay for the party”

This is a rock and roll title for the wedding invitation. This beautiful title gives a fun filled and exciting glimpse of the thrilling party invitees who will enjoy your wedding. To make your wedding invitation romantic as well as exciting, this is the perfect title you can use.

“Bites, booze and fun dance moves”

If you have made some special arrangements for dance, food, and drinks, this is the way to invite your guests. What can be more interesting than a wedding filled with all these elements? Your guests would simply not be able to resist your amazing invitation title and would be present at your wedding.

If you want your guests to love your wedding invitation and come with all the enthusiasm for your wedding, these are the perfect titles you can choose. Select these titles to formally invite the guests, to showcase your romance or to give a glimpse of all the fun planned for the wedding with these cool titles.

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