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20 things that can only be seen in Indian marriages

October 31, 2017

Indians are known for a lot of things. Their diverse culture and numerous rituals for every event never stop to amuse everyone. The transcending of a person’s character during celebrations can be counted as a peculiar trait seen only in Indians marriage. One such event where all the amusing act are staged together is an Indian wedding. It is an intense event where relatives from all parts of the country come together and spend their riches in the name of celebration of a union. The parents of the bride and bridegroom take it as a matter of pride to host an extravagant carnival to celebrate the wedding and hope it is etched in everyone’s memory forever. Here are few things that can only be seen or happen in Indian marriages.Unique things to Indian marriages:

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Jam-packed halls :

One can be astonished the mere number of people that gather during this special occasion. All the relatives known and unknown are invited and they all gather to make it look like a family reunion.

A ceremony is a long event :

Indian marriages are generally a 3-day event. Hence, it is usually planned along with a couple of holidays.

Grand shopping :

People other than the bride and bridegroom, wear new clothes for every event besides different accessories. There are too many outfits involved

Lots of gold :

Gold in the form of ornaments and decorative elements are exchanged between families as a part of the ceremony.

Mehandi and snack stalls :

Hand decorations and snacks are arranged to entertain the guests. These will be seen crowded throughout the function.

rolonged ceremony :

A wedding symbolizes a union between two people and it is brought out through an age-old tradition that takes long hours to finish.

Misplaced objects :

These happen at every place. However, in a wedding function, an important object is misplaced always and there will be a whole bunch of family people acting as a search party.

Meeting relatives whose existence was just found :

Every family tree will have a lot of relatives who were not previously introduced. All these branches come together in a wedding, which makes it very easy for the new introductions.

Free matrimony service offered :

Many come here hoping to pair their single kid with someone who impresses them in the wedding. ” you are next in the line ” is a sentence that will be echoed often.

Lots of food :

A major part of the wedding budgetis spent on serving food. In fact, 90% of the people come for the food.

Forced photoshoots :

Everyone believes in cherishing memories through photos and videos. Someone will be pulled everywhere all the time to take photos with their relatives.

No rules no restrictions :

These are one such time when parents let their kids lose and allow them to play till they get tired. Kids go beyond control at these events.

Anybody can dance :

Specialists are hired for all the jobs. But dancing and singing are left to the people gathered especially to the aunties of the family. Regional and religious traits are showcased when called for.

Gambling is legal :

People are found gambling everywhere as an attempt to connect with everyone around and have fun.

Silly yet fun-filled games :

Bridegroom and bride and their family usually get along play orchestrated games as a part of the ceremony after the wedding gets over.

Extravagant gifting sessions :

Relatives stake their pride in gifting the newly-wed. Most expensive items like cars and other things can be seen lined up.

Greeting and good-bye everywhere :

People meet people, have a conversation and immediately go to the next person and start a totally different conversation as an attempt to greet everyone that has come.

Parties and drinks :

Youth gathered always pool together and plan a party to enjoy themselves in their own way.

One thing leads to another :

By the time the wedding ends, planning for the next wedding would have already begun.

Compulsory sobbing :

Finally, it is time for the bride to leave and all the stone-hearts melt and tears seen in almost everyone’s eyes.

This should not come as any surprise. Indian marriagesare a package deal of drama, wealth, and family. Much more things happen during this time but these are the things that always occupy the space and are expected by everyone to happen. If you ever get an invite, attend without thinking twice because it will surely be a fun event.

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