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20 Bridal Shower Themes For Wedding

December 12, 2017

Your best friend is set to tie the knot with her prince charming? Great! Well, then it is also time for the Bridal Shower. This needs to be really amazing and different which your dear friend will remember forever. Here are a few themes that you may like to use.

Lovey-Dovey Theme

After all, this is a celebration of love so opt for the romantic theme and so make use of hearts and the cute couple pictures as the Bridal Shower theme.

The Backyard Theme

Arrange for the Bridal Shower in the backyard of the bride’s home or your home. Decorate it with things that will remind the bride of her childhood days and will make her nostalgic.

Back to School

Let the set up be that of the school and let all the girls be dressed up in uniforms and have pictures of school days.

The Water Theme

You can have the beach theme, where you can have ships and a typical beach set up with lots of fun.

Tropical Set Up

You can also have the Bridal Shower theme the tropical background. You can have the decoration of typical tropical flowers and have lots of fruits etc.

The British Tea Party

Is the bride fond of the British style? Then arrange for a British tea party. Serve the best coffee with some muffins and a typical British menu which your bride will enjoy.

The Single Colour Theme

Pick up the bride’s favourite colour and let the decorations and dress code be with that theme.

Dessert Theme

You can have dessert as the theme and can have cutouts of camels and sand dunes and other things.

The Royal Theme

If the bride loves palaces and royal thing, then keep this as the theme of this event.

Champagne with some yummy lunch

You can arrange for some delicious continental lunch along with a glass of champagne for the lovely bride.

The Birdie Theme

Remember the birdie dance and have the birdie dance theme for the lovely bride.

Love in Paris

You can have the Eiffel tower and all the things significant with Paris as the theme. You can pick up the favourite city of the bride and have that as the theme.

Sports all the way

If the bride is a sports enthusiast then you can take up her favourite sport as the theme.

Bollywood/Hollywood Theme

If the bride is a movie buff, then you can pick up Bollywood or Hollywood as the theme for the event.

Seasons as the theme

You also have the option of selecting the favourite season of the bride as the theme for the event.

The Disney Theme

If the bride loves Mickey and Donald and snow white then, why not take up Disney as the theme for the event.

Nursery Rhymes

You can also take up any famous nursery rhyme as the theme for this wonderful occasion.

The Countryside Touch

If the bride loves the countryside then this too can be one of the ideas that you may use.

The Spaceship Theme

If the bride has a fetish for outer space then that too is one of the ideas that you may use.

Glitter and Glamour

For the bride who loves shimmer and shine this can be one of the themes. These are some of the ideas that you can use.

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