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15 Tips For Planning An Unforgettable Marriage Proposal

October 25, 2017

Marriages and wedding planning have always been of due importance, but you wouldn’t have been there without a proposal, right? As much important it is to woo the girl you have fallen in love with, equally important is to propose her like no man ever has. Read on to discover 15 tips and ideas for your marriage proposal to the lady you love.

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Get hold of your favourite spot in the town:

The more personal, the better it hits her heart. Arrange for a photographer, and capture every emotion that her face gives away while you bend the knee.

If the love of your life is a bibliophile:

Not always can your beloved be the rendezvous and enthusiastic one. Sometimes she may be a little shy and come with her favourite books. Why not make use of it? Take her to the most infamous book cafe and propose her there.

Don’t underestimate what your pet is capable of:

If your lover is a pet enthusiast, get your pup involved too. You can present the ring with the help of the pet with a small note asking her to say yes for the engagement. It will look so cute when your pet will go to her hanging the ring with the note in its mouth.

The more pampered your girl is, the better your chances are:

HAn entire day of pampering sessions for her- morning spa, then a manicure and pedicure session ending with a hair salon appointment. It can be followed by an evening date where you pop the question.

Ice cream engagement Proposal:

It might be the most innovative way to propose your girl using a cup of ice cream! Deliver a tub of ice cream to her place and instil the ‘will you marry me’ word in it.

Make your beloved pay the bill for one last time:

On a random day of your choice, ask her out on a lunch date. Then ask her to collect the cheque. For this trick, before walking in, you must ask the vendor to print your question on the bill slip.

Make use of technology :

If you are not a technology freak, then get this done with the help of a professional. Ask them to make you an HTML website displaying your question.

Answering the call:

Meet her randomly, and ask for her cell phone. Without letting her know, change your contact name to-will you marry me. Also, put a contact image of you holding the ring. Later call her, she will have two choices; accept or decline.


The old Hollywood never goes out of style. Plot the game such that you put your question and win the game./span>

Get it written in the sky:

It might be over-the-top expensive, but nothing’s better than looking at your girl-shook and in awe. Look out for a skywriter and propose through the skies.

Tune in to the radio:

Ring into a radio station that she is hooked to and then make your proposal go on air. Make sure you ask her to tune in at that moment.

Candlelight proposal:

Light up your room with candles, balloons, and roses before you invite her. Play a mix tape of her favourite songs, bend the knee and wait for her.

Gift box:

Prepare a gift box that includes all her favourites like dark chocolates, fruits, coffee and in between keep the ring box to surprise her with your proposal.

Art gallery proposal:

Arrange a private dinner at an art gallery with her candid portraits in the background. It will be the perfect backdrop for the marriage proposal.

Disneyland princess’s proposal:

Hire a costumed character from the land of Disney and pop the question with the help of the character. You can never go wrong with Disney magic.

There are tons of ideas for proposing the lucky charm of your life, you just need to figure out what is unique to your relationship and keep in view your beloved’s choices. Just go on, and be yourself whom your beloved loves.

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