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15 Stunning Wedding Centerpieces

November 27, 2017

The wedding centerpieces can be the best way to show your style by adding extra beauty to the wedding decoration. This can be an afterthought thing but can impress your guests immensely. The wedding can be made an extravagant event by having a theme party and by adding the centerpieces. You can simply make an impact on your visitors by putting attractive wedding centerpieces. Many couples are opting for such options to make their wedding unique in every way. There are large varieties of centerpieces available that one can choose from.Some of the stunning wedding centerpieces are mentioned below:

Go Boho

For this elegant decor, different shapes and colors can be used to design bursts. Best of the centerpieces ideas can be used different shapes like pumpkins, flowers, and glasses. .

Easy Color Match

To make the perfect match with any color scheme, the white bouquet provides the ease of flexibility. The use of metallic color vase either golden or copper can be used to provide graceful aura.

White Wedding Flowers

You can go all white with stunning white flowers and silver accents. This will add a lot of elegance and keep the festivities light and romantic.

Scratch Ticket

The large blooms can add a lot of beauty as center stem wedding centerpieces. You can make use of radiant colors for this purpose.

Tasty Treats

Revamp your surroundings with the striking fall color leaves as the centerpiece to decorate the surrounding.

Autumn Vibes

Make use of red, yellow and orange color flowers to make attractive centerpieces to get that perfect look.

Spices for You

Putting a few spices in the small jars and gifting the same to your guests can be just very special. You can make use of handmade cloth and bags for this purpose.

Party with the Pastel Colors

Make a perfect choice for the soft and classy colors; the green fillers can be used to add extra beauty to the centerpiece.

Whistles and Bells

The decorative bells and whistles complimented with the vibrant colors can add extra energy and happiness to the surrounding.


You can opt for a centerpiece with the flowers of mixed size and colors you can also add the small details of eucalyptus and berries.

Summer Time

For the warm weather, the couple can choose soft colors like pink, white and orange for a lighthearted vibe.

The Forest Floor

To add more elegance to the surroundings you can use the pines cones of different sizes to add some rustic look to the surrounding.

Budgeted Centerpieces

For the most budgeted look, you can use the wine bottles nicely draped in laces with the candle lights in the surroundings.

Woodland Wonder

Wood cookie base makes a beautiful wedding centerpiece and decorate it with sticks, flowers and add moss to get the look.

Pretty Pink

The beautiful pink color will add punch to the surrounding and make it looks lively and beautiful.

Light up the Night

You can light up the night with the Candles that makes the surrounding very romantic.

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