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15 Most Romantic Marriage Proposals Which Will Melt Your Heart

November 6, 2017

Getting proposal for marriage from someone you love feels really special. Still wondering what could you do to make her say “yes”? Here is a list of 15 most romantic marriage proposals that are so good you’d love to try:

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Search for a calm and beautiful place by the seaside :

You can decorate the place with flowers beforehand. Bring her blindfolded and play a romantic song. Then, propose her on your knees. She will surely agree to spend the rest of her life with you.If one thing she has ever wanted is a pet dog, here’s your chance to romantically propose her for marriage. Buy her the favorite breed she wants and customize the collar with engraved “Will You Marry Me?”

A Romantic Long Drive :

Take her on a romantic long drive or say “it” on a roller coaster ride in Disneyland. Watch her forget her fears and her face will definitely gleam with joy!

What better than Eifel Tower as the Background :

You can take her to Paris and it’d be so romantic to propose her in front of the Eifel Tower! You just can’t afford to miss that chance. Keep the ring in your travel bag checklist

Go Adventurous :

If she is an adventure lover, climb together to the highest peak or take her for paragliding. You can propose her as you float together amidst clouds and sun playing in her hair. A propose high up the cliff or in the air will definitely give her the wings of joy.

Plan to go on a scuba diving trip together :

Propose her for marriage as you enjoy the mesmerizing world of the seas together. Must have heard about romantic underwater marriages, so grab the opportunity and try this romantic marriage proposal!

Add Beauty with Fireworks :

Fireworks going up the sky in “Will you Marry Me?” will be a romantic way to propose marriage. You can organize a show of fireworks to impress her.

A Romantic Dinner Date :

Take her to one of her favorite restaurants and enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner together. Stealthily put the ring in her wine glass. As she is about to finish her drink, she will find it! Let her guess your words

An Opera Proposal :

Speak to the manager in advance and make arrangements. As she watches the opera engrossed in the plot, go on stage and propose her in front of everyone!

Go Artistic :

Convince her for making a caricature of hers by a local caricaturist. But speak with the artist beforehand about your intentions. Propose her through art.

Take Help of a Choir Group:

Arrange for a choir in the park where she goes for walk each evening. She will surely love the surprising performance of her favorite love song. Propose her in the most sing-song manner.

Get Your Proposal written in Clouds :

Hire a skywriter to write your marriage proposal in clouds. Not just her, it would be announcing your love in the most romantic manner to the entire town!

Let the Magic Words Glow on her Ceiling :

Spell your proposal message on her ceiling with the glow in the dark stickers. You can also buy refrigerator magnets for saying those romantic words. She will definitely gasp in awe as she discovers those magic words.

Marriage Proposal on Plate :

You can propose her in a restaurant and ask the chefs to write your proposal to her with a chocolate sauce or honey at the rim of the plate.

A Surprising Engagement Shoot :

Tell her that you are going for a photo session together. In the middle of everything, propose her and let this be your engagement photo shoot.

The ideas are many. Just that you need to search out the best for your beloved! It’s not about how much you spent, but how you make her feel, that’s important!

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