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15 Expensive Marriage Gift Ideas You Will Love

February 16, 2018
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Marriages and Marriage gifts are inseparable things. If budget is not a constraint and if the one who is getting married is a dear and close friend or relative, then you can always opt for an expensive gift. There are a number of expensive gifts that you can select as wedding gifts. Here are a few ideas for the same.

Limited edition watches

Watches are something which has been given as marriage gifts for ages. But if you have a good budget, then go on for branded limited edition watches.

Vacation Tickets

One of the best marriage gifts is gifting a vacation. Give the couple vacation tickets to an exotic location.


Jewellery can be a good gift. If you want something really cool, then go in for platinum jewellery as marriage gifts.


Diamonds are forever. So opt for solitaire or any expensive jewel as a wedding gift.


If the one who is getting married has a liking for paintings, then you can always opt for paintings from renowned painters.


For those who love art gifting sculptures made from marble can also be a great expensive gift.

Spices for You

Putting a few spices in the small jars and gifting the same to your guests can be just very special. You can make use of handmade cloth and bags for this purpose.

Branded Cosmetics

These days’ big cosmetic brands have special wedding hampers which can be gifted to the couple.

Designer Clothes

You can also give as a wedding gift designer clothes. You can get sarees etc specially designed for the bride.

Exclusive Bags

It is also a good idea to give the couple bags designed by big brands. They look cool and are really wonderful gifts for the couple.

Kitchen Appliances

If budget is not a problem, then you can always give the couple kitchen and home appliances that will be useful for the couple. It can be microwaved or an LED television etc.


One more exclusive and expensive gift is silverware. You can give some really cool silverware stuff to the newly-weds as wedding gifts.


One useful and expensive wedding gift that one can give to the couple is furniture. One can opt from side tables to even sofa sets depending on the budget.


Antique pieces as artisfacts are also one of the best gift ideas. You can give different things depending on how much money you are willing to spend. You can select from wall hangings to many other things like antique utensils etc.

Wine and champagne

If you are willing to spend more, then wine and champagne of the best brands and quality can be one of the best gifts for the couple. You can also give then dainty wine glasses along with the wine.


If the couple loves to read then you can gift them a huge collection of collectors’ copies of some of the best books.
These are some of the expensive marriage gift ideas. The gift that you ultimately select will depend on your budget and what the couple likes. You can also gift any other unique gift as per your budget.

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