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15 Different Types of Designer Sarees For Indian Wedding

January 2, 2018

Sarees are considered to be among the most attractive Indian outfits, this nine-yard loose piece of cloth completely enhances the beauty of a woman. Sarees are the most sought-after and evergreen outfit for traditional events, whether festivals or weddings. 15 Saree types are mentioned here.

Different Types of Sarees

Chanderi Silk

This is among the most classic sarees as it is tailored and designed in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Banarsi Saree

This is one of the oldest parts of India and the Wedding designer sarees are readily available in Banarsi type. The beautiful bright colors, texture, and sheen just make it among the most appealing ones.

Kanjeevaram Sarees

These silk sarees are most alluring and is worn by the brides mostly in South India.

Batik Print

The Batik printed sarees are available in awesome prints made up of wax and dye.

Assam Silk Sarees

Mekhela Chador is the beautiful saree directly from the land of Assam. These sarees are woven with delicate Monga silk and can startle anyone when draped nicely.


This is an extremely striking piece of work from Orissa and is available in cotton and silk fabric.

Nauvari Sarees

These are long 9-yard sarees mostly worn in Maharashtra. This can be a beautiful Wedding Designer Saree and can be a perfect pick for the bride’s maid as well.

Pattu Sarees

They are the exceptional piece of silk work from Kerala and Tamilnadu, these bright colored silk sarees are the beautiful depiction of the Keralite and Tamilnadu art.


You can opt for a centerpiece with the flowers of mixed size and colors you can also add the small details of eucalyptus and berries.

Panchampalli Sarees

These sarees are known for the geometric designs and are made in Nalgonda District of Telangana State.

Paithani Sarees

These exquisitely designed bright color sarees can be the best Wedding Designer saree in your collection. These sarees are woven with much love and intricacy.

Gota Sarees

The Gota sarees are known for broad borders as a special kind of lace is attached at the edges and is loved by the contemporary women.

Kalamkari Sarees

These sarees are known for its artistic creations and its designs are mostly inspired by the mythological stores and characters. These are highly attractive pieces of art and exhibit outstanding ethnic appeal.

Patola Sarees

These are among the most vibrant styles of sarees, it displays strong patterns and bold designs, these are very attractive and eye catchy.


These sarees are made of silk and therefore it always remains in fashion, it comes from West Bengal and is beautifully designed.

Bomkai Sarees

They are breathtaking sarees from the state of Odisha, these are easy to carry and are therefore most sought after. It is the perfect choice for the comfort seekers.

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