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12 Myths About South Indian Marriages

September 5, 2017

Marriage symbolises an important rite of passage in every person’s life. It is the coming together of two individuals and their families. But Indian marriages are always shrouded with misconceptions and superstitions. South Indian marriages, for e.g. have many myths surrounding it.

Below are some of the most common and amusing myths of South Indian Marriages.

The wedding is extremely traditional in nature

Although true some decades ago, the weddings of today have a good balance of the conventional and the contemporary. Nonetheless, the many cultural and ritual elements form the main attraction of the wedding.

It is a quintessential big fat wedding

South Indians are extremely family-oriented. That means a wedding typically involves inviting your long-distant uncle from the other part of the world.

The food served is pure vegetarian

This myth has a lot to do with the puritanical image of South Indians. But it is mostly a myth as people across all religions find weddings as the perfect occasion to throw caution to the wind.

All the men on the groom’s side are dressed in lungs

We wouldn’t blame you for perpetuating this myth. Again, with the change in times, you may get to witness it to a certain degree. It is, however, at the discretion of the groom’s family.

The groom is most probably an NRI

South Indians are known for their intellectual prowess. And so marrying an NRI from the US, who is intellectually and economically well-endowed seems like a good plan.

The wedding is going to be an brazen spectacle of gold jewellery

There is something special about a South Indian’s love of gold as it denotes their status symbol. While attending a wedding in the South, brace yourself to be bedazzled with all the gold displays.

The bride’s family bears the cost of the entire wedding

Maybe this myth has transcended through movies and cultural references. The misconception states that the bride’s family feels obligated to bear the cost. However, with changed mindsets and gender parity, the story is being re-written.

Dowry is a pre-requisite to find a suitable groom

The patriarchal Indian society still considers women to be a liability. Therefore, the conception of dowry being demanded seems justified. The dowry, however, is not.

Food is only served on banana leaves

Their tradition of eating on banana leaves is beautiful and healthy. So doing the same during wedding ceremonies is a no-brainer.

The bride and groom have to be dressed in white

White is a symbolic colour of purity and peace. And hence is used for several wedding functions. But a red and golden sari is more prominent in South Indian weddings of late.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited at the wedding

South Indian weddings are centered on long-standing traditions and cultures. Alcohol somehow doesn’t fit into the picture. Nevertheless, it is a common sight at weddings.

Inter-caste marriage is a strict no-no

South Indian families always prefer a partner from the same-caste for their children. However, the young brides and grooms nowadays, look for a compatible soul mate more than anything else.
These South Indian Marriage myths may seem amusing to some and completely reasonable to others. However, it is the celebration of two hearts coming together, in love, for a lifetime that makes everything worthwhile.

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