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12 Myths About North Indian Marriages

September 5, 2017

Numerous myths on North Indian marriages are spread across the world which are believed by us and are even considered as reality. But in real they are just myths and not the truth.

Here are some of the myths about North Indian marriageswhich have been generally heard and probably believed in most of the cases.

    Wedding expenses are to be borne by the girl’s family: Gone are the days when it was believed that D-Day expenses are to be borne by the family of girls only. Now a days it is a combined affair, both the families bear the expenses of wedding equally.
    Marriage celebration is incomplete without decoration: No doubt decoration adds an extra charm to the occasion but these days’ people prefer not to waste too much money on decoration.
    Wedding ceremonies have to be of long duration: Ceremonies need not be so long and it completely depends on the family’s wish and availability of time. Generally, people prefer to have short duration weddings.
    Dowry is must: In old times, girl was considered as a liability so there was a trend of giving and asking for dowry. But now, girls are considered as the proud of parents and are self supported in most of the cases. They are also educated as well as cable to earn or already earning good amount…
    Bride cannot visit Groom’s house: Girls of today’s generation are more educated and well versed. Visiting groom’s house before marriage helps a girl understand the family and their culture in a better way and it is even recommended by the families themselves.
    Status show off is a must: Spending much on marriages is not a sensible decision. Rather people nowadays believe more in making investments rather than showing off their status by spending a hefty amount.
    Wearing heavy jewellery is must: It is not necessary that the bride has to wear heavy jewellery. Some opt for light weight elegant jewellery too. It completely depends on the girl’s choice.
    Bride should not dance: The bride is also equally excited for the D-Day as the groom is. She can also equally enjoy her wedding as the groom does.
    Groom and Bride cannot talk: The generation nowadays are modern and before they get married they want to know each other. It gives them time to understand and makes it easier to move forward. So, expecting that the groom and bride cannot or should not talk is a BIG misconception one can have.
    Girls’ family is dominated: It was believed and practised during our forefather’s time that the girls’ family was dominated. In today’s time, both the families are given equal importance and respect.
    North Indian weddings are boring: North Indian marriages are the most beautiful marriages, full of rituals and ceremonies. These ceremonies are fun if attended with interest.
    Girls must cry while leaving: It is certainly not easy for a girl to leave her family and move on to an altogether new place. When they are starting their new life, even she is happy and excited.

No doubt you must also be the one who have believed in such myths till now. But things change with time so better you also move ahead. Let’s enjoy the weddings and not make them a complicated affair for the newlyweds and their families.

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