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12 Myths About Indian Marriages

September 5, 2017

Long time back, I had read a saying which said that every man of the world desires to have an Indian wife. But, is it really true? If not completely, then must be partially right. Anyone ever thought about the reason? Yes, certainly there are a lot of myths about Indian marriages and especially Indian wives. The fact is that many things are just generalized. Same goes for Indian marriages as there are many myths related to it.

Let’s discuss here a few popular myths about Indian marriages:

People opt for early marriages-It is thought that Indian couples are always younger as compared to other nations’ married couples. However, it’s not true as girls and boys in Indian marry when they think it’s the right age and they are properly settled as well.

Prefer non-working women as wives-Who doesn’t want his wife to be smart, working and earning in this world? So, it’s just a myth that Indian men always prefer non-working women as wives.

Child is the first thing after marriage-Who said so? Indian couples very well know how to enjoy life and giving time to each other to make every moment memorable is always their priority. Bearing a child is always the next thought.

Newlyweds live in joint families-Now, most of the couples are already working and they live in cities where they work. Sometimes, they even decide to live in different cities for work after marriage.

Married women only wear traditional dresses-Take a look again! Indian women have come a long way from those orthodoxy views which made it mandatory for a married woman to be decked up with all those heavy jewellery pieces.

Indian marriages are always expensive-People are aware of their priorities and they prefer keeping the finances for important expenditures after marriage. No one likes to waste a hefty amount of money on only decoration and food.

Man always earns more than his wife-A person who thinks so needs to give a second thought to it. Nowadays, Indian women are in high paying jobs and some even earn more than their husbands which men feel proud of instead of getting jealous.

No freedom for women after marriage-Women are completely free even after marriage and are not bound to be stuck to the daily chores of the household for lifetime.

Couples rarely separate or think of divorce-Couples are educated and sensible enough to decide whether they should proceed with their relationship or say good bye to each other in case of an incompatible bond.

Indian couples are less romantic-I think they are highly romantic and can even spend the whole life embracing each other. That was just to show the level of their romance as obviously none would do so.

Wives are always suppressed by husbands-No one is suppressed by anyone as both enjoy equal rights and make it a priority to care for each other.

Girls’ parents are dominated by boys’ parents-Both are given equal importance and nowadays even both spend equal amounts at the time of marriages.

So, if you also have been thinking the same about Indian marriages, then it’s certainly time to change your thoughts. Time has changed, and so have Indians and their marriages.

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