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12 Matchless Indian Marriage Gifts

December 26, 2017

An Indian wedding is one of the most enjoyable occasions not only for the bride and groom but also for their families. This occasion is enriched with a lot of rituals, traditions, and celebrations that are accompanied by various grandeur, pomp and shows. However, apart from just enjoying the Indian wedding, one of the traditions also includes giving a gift to the newlyweds by every guest as well as family members. Now, choosing a perfect marriage gift can sometimes become a tricky question.

The main idea behind this gifting tradition is to contribute to the bride’s’ trousseau in any manner, even if it is by giving cash in the form of “Shagun” or any other item that can be of use for the newlywed couple in their married life. However, the ideas for marriage gifts have changed drastically in the past few decades.

Below are few suggestions that one can opt for gifting an appropriate present on any of the weddings:


Jewelry is one of the best and most suitable marriage gifts that one can opt for. Since it is one of the expensive gifting items, only close family members opt this. Jewelry includes a wide range of variety, for example, bracelets, rings, earrings, gold neck chains, platinum, titanium, diamond etc.. Though it is considered to be the most suitable gift for brides, it also includes many designer watches, silver tie pins, cuff-links, neck chains and rings for grooms.


Designer clothes with labels, shirts, neckties, suit pieces or trousers are some of the most gifted items in Indian weddings.

Home furnishing gifts

This is considered to be the most useful item in terms of marriage gifts. Since the newlywed couple is going to start their new life, they will be surely in need of a few of the home furnishing items. This is again a vast area to look upon while considering the gifting items including dinner sets or other kitchen appliances.Tickets to a romantic tourist destination: This is one of the options mostly chosen by the close relatives or friends. The main idea behind this is to let the couple relax for sometime after the hectic rituals of the Indian wedding.


Giving a perfume to newlywed couple is again considered to be a classic idea. Perfumes having romantic fragrance are always preferred.

City tour for a day

 If the bride or the groom is new to town or the city, this is a thoughtful gift where one could plan an entire day for them.

Grooming Products

These are considered to be the most utility products that will be of maximum use for both, the bride as well as the groom. It may include hair dryers, strengtheners, curling irons, or a range of popular cosmetics, shaving kits, hair accessories etc.

Book a romantic dinner

Marriage is all about the bonding of two unknown souls, especially when it is an arranged marriage. So, giving a newlywed couple a candlelight dinner in some classic restaurant as a marriage gift would really be a nice idea.

Lucky Charms

As the newlywed couple enters into a new life together, it is always preferable to gift them any of the lucky charms. The main idea behind this is to wish them good luck to start the new phase of their lives.

Monograms and antique stuff

Personalized gifts are the best marriage gifts that any couple will be happy to have. These are directly related to the emotional values of everyone. This might include monograms on towels, napkins, etc. As per the latest trend, these personalized gifts might also include monogrammed beauty soaps or toiletries or even monogrammed coffee mugs.

Wrist Watches

Wristwatches designed specifically for the couples are a unique idea. It is a new trend that both bride and groom wear matching wristwatches. So, gifting a set of wristwatch would also be a decent idea for a newlywed couple.

Goddess sculptures

Some of the religious people prefer to shower their wishes on the wedded couple with some beautiful Goddess sculptures.

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