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12 Amazing Marriage Gift Ideas For Every Budget

February 23, 2018

Attractive gifts are always welcomed. Striking marriage gifts will undoubtedly bring a smile to your friends face, and make them feel really special. You can select an appealing yet reasonably priced gift, which will be appreciated by your friends.

Some amazing marriage gift ideas for every budget, which will surprise the newlywed couples:

Attractive Bed linens and towel sets

You can choose from a variety of bed linen such as monogrammed pillows, bed sheets, and towels. Beautifully Embroidered bed linen in different fabrics such as satin or velvet is indeed a good choice to gift to the newly married couples. Even attractive towel sets with combed cotton fibres are also worth for gifting purpose.

Beautiful Antique decorative artefacts

Antique artefacts are always appreciated by a newly wedded couple. These can be displayed at any corner of their house. Antique gifts include dancing couples or delicate showpieces such as flower vase. These gifts help in decorating the living area of the house and at the same time, they come at friendly prices too.

Useful Kitchen appliances

Before buying kitchen appliances, it is best to make sure that your friends do not have them. Now you can buy a small coffee making machine or an electric kettle. Blender for making cold coffee or shakes is also available at reasonable rates.

Attractive table dining items

Another very good option is to buy an exclusive range of attractive as well as useful crockeries such as beautiful melamine dinner sets, colourful casseroles, wine glasses, dessert trays, serving trays and much more. Well, you can enrich their kitchen collection with your useful yet affordable gifts.

Super-soft throw blankets

One more interesting option is to throw blankets, which are available in amazing designs and colours. These gifts are very useful and at the same time, they are available in affordable range.

Autumn Vibes

Make use of red, yellow and orange color flowers to make attractive centerpieces to get that perfect look.

Coupons for Couple Massages

Gift coupons, which are valid for six months or even year procured from a reputed local massage parlor is an amazing gift. These coupons are guaranteed to be appreciated by the couple.

Photo Frames

Surprise your newlywed friends by gifting well-designed and beautiful photo frames. You can even put their favourite picture in the frame. You can choose from an interesting variety of vintage, contemporary, or geometrical photo frames.

Annual Membership card for a gym

Annual memberships at a local gym for the newlyweds would be enjoyed where they can spend valuable time.


These days you can even buy eco-friendly yet attractively designed planters. This will help in enhancing the look of their living area or balcony.

Wall paintings

Pick a gift, which will match with the taste and style of the décor of the newly married couple. Add a personal touch to buying a beautiful wall painting or framed picture of flowers, which can be placed in their bedroom.

Wall Clocks

Designer wall clocks are another great gifting option. You can surprise your loved ones with this customized and reasonably priced gift.

Flowering and potted herbs

Flowering plants in pots continue to grow even after the wedding. Try gifting the happy couple a row of potted herbs for the kitchen, which can help them to make tasty meals.

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