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11 Delicacies You’ll Always Find In A Punjabi Wedding

December 4, 2017

Punjabi weddings have conducts and customs, which is more or less a reflection of the strong tradition of the community, progressed over the years. There are many delicacies which you can see in the Punjabi wedding. In fact, any Punjabi wedding is just not complete without a grand banquet of best delicacies. You may feel like a food festival when you attend a Punjabi wedding. Different people have different preferences of taste according to their state. When we attend a wedding, we find some unique delicacies.

Now we are going to discuss the 11 delicacies which we always see at Punjabi wedding.

Chole Paneer

Paneer is a most favorite ingredient for both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Differentrecipes can be prepared by using paneer. Cholepanner is also a good recipe liked by many people.

Malai Kofta:

People are from north India like the recipes prepared by using Aloo. The taste of malai kofta will be fantastic when trying with roti or naan.


KadiPakoda is a recipe prepared with curd and pakoda. It is a famous dish in north India. You can try this recipe with roti or rice.

Mushroom butter masala

Even some of the vegetarian people also like to taste the recipes which are prepared with mushroom. This method is a perfect side dish for naan and roti.

Punjabi Samosa

Punjabi samosa is an excellent starter for the Punjabi wedding. The taste of the samosa is very delicious due to the stuffing inside the samosa.

Veg Spring Rolls

The Veg spring rolls are served as starters during the wedding. The spring roll sheets used for this recipe are very crispy. You can try them with ketchup and enjoy the taste.


We know that Kulfi is famous in Punjabi. We actually cannot imagine a Punjabi wedding without Kulfi. You can have the Kulfi of your choice as different flavors of Kulfis are available.

Kheema Butter

Non-vegetarians mostly like this type of recipes. It can be used as a side dish with biryani, rice, and roti. The combination of kheema and butter is fantastic.

Gulab Jamun

Every menu is incomplete without a sweet. Gulab Jamun is most favorite sweet for the people in north India. You can start first with Gulab Jamun and proceed for other recipes.

Masala Lamb

People who prefer non-vegetarian will enjoy this recipe. This recipe is prepared by coating the lamb with different types of masala which gives a spicy taste.

Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a starter which is liked by the non-vegetarians. You can enjoy the yummy taste of this recipe and also use as a side dish wish biryani. The chicken lovers will love this recipe.

Unlike any other Indian weddings, in the Punjabi marriagetoo has got many various rituals, but what is the unique feature of delicacies being served in the wedding is actually the usage of butter, ghee, and cream in the dishes.Food is also considered as an essential factor in the marriage. The people who attend the wedding will eat happily and bless the couple to have a married couple.

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