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10 Wedding Skin Care Tips For Groom

December 4, 2017

When it comes to groom, it’s an undeniable fact that men most of the time don’t associate with grooming concept. Time has changed and now modern grooms have started to pamper themselves equally to look their best. For those who find such routine complex here is the quick guide which can be followed a week or even days before your big day.

Sleep Well

Although it would be a long distance relationship between your bed and you during the wedding period, the first essential step to keep a check on skincare regime is your beauty sleep. A quick power nap can work if you are short on time. Partying and preparations can make your skin look dull, so it is recommended to have a good night sleep preferable at a silent and relaxing space.

Hydration is imperative!

Consumption of a lot of fluids can keep your body functioning and hydrated. This will reflect on your face as your skin gets all the required moisture. A good 8-10 glass of water per day is recommended. Other than that you can also gorge on juicy fruits like watermelon for maximum benefits.

Exercise at least 3 times a week

Keep your body and heart pumping with at least 15-20 minutes of a workout session. If you can’t convince yourself to get up and hit the gym, set some goals or try some fun workouts that can help you boost your health as well as mood. Stretching and basic exercise is sufficient for starters.

Listen to your skin

Before you jump into any kind of skin care routine, make sure to identify your skin type. Men normally care less and use soap on the face. If you are amongst them stop it immediately. Do some research and based on your skin type pick a gentle face wash. Applying sunscreen also goes for guys so don’t skip this crucial step for a tan free face on your D day.


Following a proper skin care, the routine can work wonders. A proper routine which includes cleansing, exfoliating with a gentle scrub and moisturizing reaps huge benefits. All you need to do is pick the right products. If your skin is acne prone, visit a dermatologist at least a month before for a better understanding of your skin type. Trim your hair regularly and if it’s greasy and dandruff prone, you might have to get rid of them as soon as possible as they can also have side effects on your skin.

Healthy Diet

Bid adieu to unhealthy food especially which are oil and fat rich. Go for greens instead of red food such as meat. Fruits and boiled veggies are perfect to incorporate into our diet as you don’t want to burst out of your attire on your special day.

Whiten your Teeth

Apart from the skin care, oral hygiene is also of utmost importance too. Whitening teeth is common these days with that picture-perfect smile. There are also homemade remedies which have baking soda as the main ingredient.

Facial Hair

Beard or no beard, clean shaven or light stubble, it all depends on the face type. Analyze your face shape and experiment well before your wedding to get that perfect look. Trimming beard regularly also keeps them thick and appealing.

Pamper Yourself

It’s difficult to keep calm during the hectic wedding period. You will not realize the stress that builds up which is the sure shot red flag to your health. Go for a luxe and affordable spa treatments, relaxing face massage and pave way for a tranquil mood.

Lips don’t lie

Lips get almost out of the scanner during the face primping sessions. No one wishes for chapped and darkened lips which generally occur due to unhealthy habits. Smoking and hot beverages top the list making your lips look unpleasant. Choose the inexpensive methods like scrubbing with beetroot, honey and sugar mixture or regular moisturizing with petroleum jelly for healthy and supple lips.

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