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December 1, 2017

A budget wedding is what everyone wants, but rather ends up paying an amount exceeding their actual budget. This happens because people often forget or fail to attribute cost to various unexpected circumstances. Thus, it is pivotal to be proactive and consider the costs of certain unexpected elements without worrying to overspend above your actual budget.

Some of the unexpected costs, which every couple must consider are

Stationary And paper costs

Most of us often disregard the stationary and paper expense of the wedding. From saving the dates, RSVP cards and invitations to scheduling events and preparing speeches, stationary cost though, small expense, capitalized to become a new expense.

Get Ready

Couples consider the cost of getting ready in terms of dressing, make-up, and preparations. But sometimes we forget that we take up rooms to get ready in, order food and snacks while getting ready and even place an order for drinks and beverages. These minimal expenses also add up, later on, increasing the budget of the wedding.


Alterations and fitting of various outfits to be worn by the groom and the bride and their families and friends is another expense every couple fails to consider. Not only fittings, but certain accessories such as shoes, cufflinks, and garters are not considered as a part of your wedding attire.

Pre-wedding Outfits

Another expense people often neglect during their wedding is the cost of new outfits, clothing, and accessories for your pre-wedding ceremonies. However, this is an optional cost, yet it needs to be considered while budget planning.

Transporting Guests

Guests are an important part of any wedding and even though the expense of their food and stay are often considered what remains neglected are expenses attributed to their transportation.

Unexpected Guests

You might have prepared a perfect guest list and budgeted the costs relevant to the same. But every time some unattended guests often spring up to your wedding. Hence, it is preferable to prepare for some unexpected arrivals and prepare for it accordingly.


Decorations are already taken care of at your wedding. However, setting up lights at extra venues or additional places is a cost which can bring your expense chart a notch up.

Decor on Flowers

Apart from lightning décor, flower décor is an added unexpected expense which remains neglected. Sometimes flower décor is used to point guests in the right direction towards the venue. In such a case the lightning décor added a top flower increases your budget a little higher.

Whistles and Bells Vendor Meals

Meals often play an important part in a wedding budget. But what we don’t anticipate is the meal expense for feeding vendors like photographers, DJs, bands, and caterers. The couple even tends to forget themselves when considering the total number of people for meals.

These aforementioned reasons are often neglected and thus, people end up paying more than expected for their wedding. Thus, be a smart couple and be prepared to tackle these unexpected costs for your wedding.

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