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10 Tricks For Wedding Photography Shoot

January 11, 2018
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The wedding day is not just stressful for the couple who is about to get married, but it is equally stressful for the photographer. It is stressful for the photographer because he has to capture the moments in the perfect way possible. At times, this can take a toll on him/her depending on the nature and the chemistry of the couple. For example, are both of them enthusiastic about getting clicked or is it just the bride? A lot of things go into getting that perfect moment captured.

Accordingly, here are 10 tricks for the wedding photography shoot

Create a list of shots

For the perfect wedding photography create a list of shots that can be captured during the event. Doing this would end the later regret of not capturing a moment in a certain position.

Visit the location

A lot of photographers would consider it as a waste of time, but it is essential to visit the venue before the event starts. This would give the photographer a tentative plan about how things should work.

Discuss with the couple

For the right wedding photography, discuss with the couple what exactly they are looking for. You could also show them your style of photography and ask them what they want.

Small Details Matter

Click pictures of shoes, wedding ring, back of the dress, flower decoration and table. This would give the wedding album an edge against others.

It is all about perspective

Try to do the wedding photography using a different perspective. The normal ones aren’t bad, but taking the photographs from low, high and at wide angles can give you good shots too!

Group Shots

If the wedding venue allows, try to gather all the guests who are in attendance to get them in one shot. It is rarely used by photographers due to the time it takes, but once done can give you the best picture you could ever think of.

Capture behind the scenes

Get to the venue early and capture behind the scenes shot, for example, when the bride is getting ready or when the venue is being decorated. Capture these raw moments.

Props or no props

There are already enough shots one can take during the wedding, but to be on the safer side you can get picture frames, some props with fancy dialogues to add some unusual touch to the wedding album.

Fake Wedding

If you are new to this business and adamant about getting the perfect album on your first job, fake a wedding with your friends, which might give you an idea of what exactly is required. This would save you from the common mistakes one can make in the first job.

Golden Hour

Utilise the golden hour for the perfect wedding shot. The golden hour is right before the sunrise and the sunset when the sky turns gold.

Apart from this, don’t forget to have fun at the wedding. A fun photographer would definitely produce some fun photographs!

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