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10 Things that you Wanted to know about “Bridesmaid”

November 16, 2017

A wedding day is the dream day for any would-be bride. She has waited so long for this day and finally when the day has arrived, she cannot afford to let any single thing go wrong. As it’s so much excitement for the bride, so is for the bridesmaid also.Being a bridesmaid is a huge honor but is also a responsibility, after all, it’s your friend’s D-Day. One wrong step on the major part of the wedding can big blunder and embarrassing for the bride.So, to let everything go right, here are few points you should be aware of as a Bridesmaid:

Know the other bridesmaid :

Remember, you are not the only bridesmaid. There must be others too. Try to know them before the D-Day. There’s always someone amongst all who spoils the show. Try to gaze that out, if any and be prepared beforehand.

Keep everything on records :

The most important thing for the bridesmaid is to be well informed about everything. Whether it is about the dress code, the responsibilities on the D-Day or information about the functions to be organized, keep all details noted and try not to miss out on any important information in order to avoid chaos at the last moment.

Don’t say yes all the time :

There must be a lot of functions planned and happening. Don’t say yes to all the functions if you cannot make it. Make it clear in the beginning in which all functions you will be able to make it.

Do not let the bride know :

Yes, do not involve the bride in any of the conflicts, if you go through, amongst the bridesmaid. Never let your bride be aware of it at all. Let her enjoy her feelings and stay tension free.

Keep an eye on your budget :

Being a bridesmaid is not an easy task. Yes being a bridesmaid is expensive and might be expensive. So remember point number 3.

Do it to fake it :

You might not like the red lipstick or magenta blouse. But being a bridesmaid you will have to do it to fake it until the end of the wedding.

Don’t get too drunk on the wedding :

We understand that it’s your best friend’s wedding and you are excited too. But do not forget that you are a bridesmaid. Do not drink too much on the wedding else you will end up spoiling the D-day of your friend.

Eyes will be on you :

Bridesmaid is the most important person in the entire wedding after the bride. Everyone’s eyes will be on you, so carry yourself properly.

Be prepared for sleepless nights :

Wedding functions are usually long and are stretched to late nights, so get ready for the sleepless nights.

It is not the end :

Though the wedding is over your responsibility might have not. You might be asked by your friend’s family to seek the gifts and wedding photos.After all being a bride’s friend is not that easy.

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