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10 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer

March 19, 2018

No one likes to miss even a single moment captured in the camera roll so that they can relive them whenever they want. As these moments just come once in the life, they should be made more clear and memorable. But for this, we need a photographer who is enthusiastic, trendy and can click vivid pictures.

So, to select any photographer, we should ask them questions prior to selecting them like-

  • What kind of work have they done before your wedding? Is he comfortable in sharing the details of his prior clients?

You can always have a look at their past work to assure if they have worked in a right manner. The photographer should not have any problem in sharing the details as it shows his confidence in his work. So, we can be sure of his artistic work. Most important thing is to check if his style caters to your taste.

  • What are their specific pose requirements which are different from other photographers?

All photographers have different ways of taking the pictures. So, what are their specialties?

  • How many pictures will be clicked and given?

There are hundreds of pictures clicked on the day, but there has to be a specific number which will be received.

  • Along with the pictures, will they provide the wedding album for the proposed cost?

This question is very important to be asked because it talks about all the expenses involved in the wedding album.

  • What is the cost and how much amount should be paid in advance?

Asking this question before is very crucial so that later on it doesn’t create any misunderstandings.

  • What if you want some specific poses to be clicked other than their specification?

Usually, we have some poses in our mind which we want to have on our wedding day. So, we should confirm with the photographer if they don’t have any problem or extra charges by clicking them.

  • How much time will it take for them to provide the pictures after the wedding?

Some photographers take time in editing the pictures. But newlyweds are always excited to see the pictures. If more time is required, this should be discussed at the beginning to avoid last minute surprises.

  • How many members are there are on his team and their expertise in their respective fields?

We can keep ourselves well aware of all the entire crew or if there is any member who has just joined. You must also check if they are also professional experts like him.

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