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10 Inexpensive Personalised Wedding Gifts

February 19, 2018

One of the most important things, when one has to attend any wedding, is the wedding gift. Everyone wants to give Personalised wedding gifts. However, at the same time the budget matters. You may want to buy something unique for the young couple, but your budget might be a problem. But you need not worry. There are a number of options when it comes to giving inexpensive gifts. Here are some options that you may look at while selecting a wedding gift.

Homemade Delicacies

If you are an expert cook and the couple is really very close to you then instead of buying expensive handmade chocolates you can always cook up some exciting sweets, pack it up, and gift it to the couple. This will be one of the best Personalised wedding gifts.

Homemade Artefacts

If you are good at painting then you can always paint something special on the canvas and gift it to the couple. If you are good at embroidery then you can create a good piece of tablecloth for the couple.


The young couple is going to need lots of utensils. These days the utensils are not very expensive. You can always give these utensils as Personalised wedding gifts.


Clothes are also a good option as a wedding gift. There are a number of online stores which have plenty of different varieties of clothes that can be given as gifts.


You can give watches as Personalised wedding gifts. If budget is a constraint then you need not worry. There are a large number of inexpensive varieties of watches that one can select as a wedding gift.


If the couple likes simplicity and you are looking for inexpensive options, then you can always give them a basket of fresh flowers which they will surely like.


You can give the young couple different furnishing items. It can be bed sheets and other such items which they can use in their home.

Photo Frames

One more inexpensive gift option is a photo frame. You can give the couple photo frame which has their pictures in it.

Dry Fruits

If you have budget constraints and want to give something exotic then opt for a box of assorted dry fruits. This is a healthy and rich gift option that you can give to the young couple.

Cash or gift vouchers

If you have a low budget and do not know what to give them the best thing to do is give the couple cash or you can give them gift vouchers so that they can buy whatever they want or whatever will be good for them.

These are some of the gift options that you may use, especially if you have budget issues. By being a little innovative in your approach you can work out something really special for the young couple which they will cherish for a lifetime. So make use of these inexpensive gift ideas and bring a smile to the face of the young couple.

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