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10 Do’s and Don’ts For Your Wedding Guest Hospitality

December 7, 2017

India always shows the warmth of its people through guest hospitality. This is best seen at festivals and weddings. Weddings are an affair managed entirely by two families, and everyone attending the wedding are the guests. The wedding guests must be attended in every little way so that there are no complains or grievances. Know and follow the do’s and don’ts so that they have a great time.


Attend to them

You might be having plenty of guests to attend to, but they will need personal attention. The bride and the groom cannot be expected to give them this importance, so the family members have to attend to them. From personal invitations to reminders, there are plenty of ways to make them feel welcomed. None of the guests must feel that they are being neglected due to others.

Take care of special needs

To take care of guest hospitality you need to note their basic requirements. You might have to attend a little more to the ladies who are expecting, ladies with small children, old people or the physically-abled. It might be tough for them to attend your wedding, but they do it out of love and affection. This is why they must be given an added importance compared to people who can help themselves.

Have people to ask them about their needs

Appoint people who will constantly ask your guests about their need. You can only be good at guest hospitality when you are reaching out to their demands and fulfilling them. Sometimes they might shy away, but you need to make sure that you find out their needs and fulfill them.


Select inaccessible wedding venues

The most common thing that puts off people who try to locate your wedding venue is the time it takes. If you select a wedding venue that is not much known or not well accessible, you might be missing out on a lot of people on your wedding. Not everyone can afford cabs to get to a remote location. Try to choose a venue that is well accessible by most means of transport.

Limit variety in the menu

The wedding menu is an essential part of exhibiting guest hospitality and you want your folks to be satisfied. Even if you have a majority of people liking a particular cuisine type, doesn’t mean everyone will like to have the same thing. Owing to your budget, try to plan a menu that serves something for everyone you’re going to invite. Make sure the vegetarian and non-vegetation food are separately cooked and separately served.

Put up the volume

Everyone will enjoy dancing on the dance floor and excite your wedding event. However, this should happen for a limited span of time. Don’t keep up the volume to such an extent that it becomes tough for the elderly people. At no point, do you want them to feel uncomfortable on your big day?

These were some of the do’s and don’ts that you need to follow on your wedding day. Abide by the tips to keep everyone happy on your event.

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